Four of the most popular and best-selling strains on Ganjaexpress

Ganjaexpress stands among the top-tier online dispensaries. In terms of quality, this online dispensary makes sure not to disappoint its customers. Out of all the strains at Ganja express, there are some strains that are most loved by people and are the ones that run out of stock in no time. Have you tried them out yet? Here are some of the best-selling strains that are worth trying.

Four of the most popular and best-selling strains on Ganjaexpress

Trunk Funk

This tremendous strain from Ganja express is an extremely Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain, which is a blend of White-Tahoe Cookies and Do-Si-Do. Trunk Funk is known to possess a spicy yet sour citrusy flavor that has skunky traces to it. Its aroma is strong and citrusy, with diesel and skunky hints to it. This strain gives you a sedative head high and can treat insomnia, pain, and stress.

Purple Tuna Kush

This one from the best-selling strains at Ganja express is an Indica leaning hybrid holding a 70:30 indica to sativa fraction. Also known as Tuna OG, this strain holds a very fish scent like that rotten tuna along with a fishy skunky flavor. Smoking this pungent scented strain will give you one of the best highs you have had. Tuna Kush can treat chronic pain and stress.

Purple Space Monkey

Gorilla Glue and Wookie #15 have been mixed to form Space Monkey, an Indica-dominant hybrid from Ganja express. Strong, savory, as well as dank, with a trace of mild lavender replete; Space Monkey admirers love its peaceful body high and cerebral high, stating it’s ideal for day consumption, pains, anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder, and nausea.

Purple Space Cookies

Purple Space Cookies from ganja express is a heavily Indica leaning strain holding an 80:20 Indica/Sativa ratio. With its appealing appearance, this strain has a sweet berry-like taste with grape hints and a delightful sugar cookies-like scent. Upon inhaling, this strain will make you feel a head high within a few seconds with a deep relaxation. It treats mood swings and pain.


These best-selling strains are best-selling for a reason. And to figure out what it is, you must try them.