Five special facts about magic Mushrooms you didn’t know

Five special facts about magic Mushrooms you didn’t know

Are you looking for magic Mushrooms? Are you afraid of its adverse effects? Well then, luckily, Ganja express offers safe and secure calculated doses of shrooms for medicinal purposes. It may seem scary to sue, but it is harmless and more potent than Cannabis as its effects are very similar to LSD.

To start taking something for even therapeutic purposes, it is better to understand its mechanism of action, how it will affect your body, and what effects it will have in the long term. Luckily, shrooms from Ganja express are harmless!

Special features of Magic Mushrooms

Here are a few things not many consumers know about the psilocybin Mushrooms because of the misconception and the unproven reviews. Some of the special features of these shrooms are;

  1. The Misconception

The fear of these shrooms being lethal has made a large crowd stay away. But the only reason which is apparent that the FDA does not want to approve of this fungi despite much-proven research is that it helps loosen you up and makes you open to accepting other opinions. Saying I am the only one right becomes a shadow!

  1. Not a Hallucinogenic

It depends on your state of mind and what you expect from it. The high is pretty similar to THC, and the buzz is a full-body effect. When it comes to mental effects, the auditory and visual effects are mostly bursting colors, moving objects, and distorted faces, which is due to serotonin levels fluctuating.

  1. Not Addictive

Not many users know that, but shrooms are not addictive, and that is why they are used in helping addicts into rehab and helping them turn their life over from a new start.

  1. Spiritual Guide

The entire experience with Mushrooms starts for almost 6 hours; it helps change a man’s perception towards life and many important aspects of living. It has been used as a mental guide to find sanctuary.

  1. One Dose Needed

Shrooms have been reportedly treating depression with single doses and even psilocybin sessions with certified professionals.


The Mushrooms offered by Ganja express are self-grown and properly divided for therapeutic uses. These shrooms from Ganja express have many medicinal benefits and have been proven to be alternatives to many medicines of today.