Five Shows to Watch When You Are Stoned

Five Shows to Watch When You Are Stoned

If you’ve ever smoked a joint, you must know that when you’re stoned, even the most inane TV shows become fine works of art. Dialogues become more poignant and funnier, colors turn more vivid, and storylines feel like strokes of brilliance. Now, hold on to your heightened, stoned senses and imagine what it would be like to watch some of the most-loved shows on TV while you’re high from products from

Here are five TV shows that you must watch when stoned:


Friends is an American TV show that needs no introduction. Even today, millions are binge watching the quintessential sitcom and discovering the Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe inside of them. It’s a perfectly poignant and hilarious show to watch while stoned.

Black Mirror

If you’re looking for something more contemplative rather than comforting, try watching Black Mirror. This dystopian series delivers a creepy yet thoughtful take on modern society and unexplored technology. It will surely be a mind-boggling yet enlightening trip to watch this show while high.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

If you want to get inspired into changing the entire look of your house, you must watch this show while high. It might strike a chord with you and inspire you to complete the home organization projects that you’ve been avoiding like the plague.

New Girl

This silly yet hysterical show follows a dysfunctional bunch of roommates who will become your best friends in no time. The show is original and fresh even when you’re not high, so imagine what it would be like to watch it when you’re mind-numbingly high. It might even lead you to find out that you’vehad a Schmidt hidden inside of you all along!


This dark yet glorious comedy follows a widowed mother of two as she tries to make some side cash by selling – wait-for-it – weed! We challenge you to tell us what would be better than watching a show involving weed while smoking it. If you are in need of a pro-weed, sex-positive role model in your life, Nancy Botwin has got your back! Shop at today!


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