Best Types of Edibles

Edibles can be a tasty alternative to smoking or vaping marijuana. They consist of foods or drinks that are infused with cannabis or cannabis oil. The treats can vary in type, taste, and potency, so how do you determine which is the best one?

It usually takes longer to feel the psychedelic effects of cannabis after consuming edibles. While smoking or vaping gives you that instant high, edibles can take up to one or two hours until you feel the effects.

However, when you do feel them, they are more intense, and last longer, depending on your dose, tolerance, and body chemistry. One of the reasons is because it is tricky to get the right dosing of cannabis in edibles.

The types of edibles differ in the manner you consume them. They can come in the form of food, drinks, tinctures, powders, or capsules.

1.      Cannabis Infused Foods

Baked good, i.e., weed brownies and cookies, are a common edible are all sold at ganjaexpress. There are other food choices though, from pizza sauce, gummy bears, and chocolates, to potato chips and bread.

THC oil can be added to just about any recipe you want. These edibles are very potent, and the effects of the drug kick in a little later, so try not to over-eat!

2.      Cannabis Infused Drinks

Coffee, tea, sodas, and juices, are a discreet way of consuming marijuana. The same rules apply as with food edibles available at ganjaexpress, which means that they take a while to give you the full effects, so don’t chug on a drink thinking it will make you high faster!

Many drinks such as tea and alcohol enhance your high when you take marijuana, so try to take it slow and steady.

3.      Cannabis Tinctures

Although not as fun as eating food that makes you high, ganjaexpress tinctures are effective and potent. You can absorb it by directly placing a few drops under your tongue, or you could add it to your food.

4.      Cannabis Powders and Capsules

Most cannabinoid powders are dissolvable and do not have any smell or taste. Like capsules, they are typically used for medicinal purposes, as there not much recreational appeal with them.

Most stoners prefer food edibles as they can be versatile and delicious. Whichever type of edible you are looking for, you can search for them at ganjaexpress.