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GanjaExpress + Afghan Kush

When it comes to searching for your perfect strain and the best online dispensary to get it to you, GanjaExpress announces a new addition to its famous Budget Buds section, the historic and legendary, Afghan Kush strain.
Going by its history, what is now known as Afghan Kush is one of the most unadulterated Indica plants available. The strain can be traced back to the Hindu Kush mountain range that is close to the region between Afghanistan and Pakistan one of the oldest most storied cannabis growing regions in the world. It has a strong yet sweet pine flavor with broad leaves, characteristic of Indica plants.
Afghan Kush boasts of massive buds that grow to become full of resin and are generously covered in trichomes. Over time, its narcotic powers have been perfected to the point where it is known all over the world. Charas, black Afghani hash, and lots of other popular Kush hybrids are derived from this OG strain that nature has gifted. Its huge yields, heavy resin content, powerfully sedating effects, and ease of cultivation are some of the reasons why Afghan Kush is a top choice among cultivators.
When smoked, it has a sweet pine flavor that belies its strong kick and potency, which quickly puts anyone who smokes it into a relaxing trance-like state that relaxes the body. Hardened insomniacs finally have a cure. With a high THC level (around 15-25%), a toke or two of Afghan Kush keeps insomnia away. There is a caveat, though. The Afghan Kush is so potent that you will get little done after taking it. It possesses strong hypnotic powers that produce such a strong body experience that makes it the perfect remedy for a taxing day. The sensation that it offers has been described as akin to the surreal experience of being dragged into the ground, in a positive way. Its effects are known to last between two to three hours.
Online dispensary stores like GanjaExpress sell these high quality cannabis products that help users to relax their body. With Afghan Kush, users can expect loads of deep body relaxation because it is known to affect the body instead of the mind. Little wonder it is popular among insomniacs. Afghan Kush is best taken a few hours before bedtime as it slowly but surely induces a feeling of sleepiness that is as intoxicating as it is relaxing. But that is not all these narcotic plant offers. Anxiety, fatigue, nausea, depression, stress, pain, and anorexia are some of the conditions that Afghan Kush is known to provide solutions for.  It is especially great for the treatment of body pain. Indeed, few cannabis strains relieve pain better than the Afghan Kush, which produces body-centered sensations, which eliminates stress and takes the pain away.
Afghan Kush is also great for treating loss of appetite and other appetite disorders because users almost always get the munchies after using it. Its ability to provide out of the body experiences also make it great for depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.
Sadly, Afghan Kush cannot be gotten at your regular stores. You will need an online dispensary like for this gift from nature. As a matter of fact, Afghan Kush is part of GanjaExpress’s Budget Buds deals.

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