Is it safe to use products from Ganja Express?

Safety is the first protocol for every dispensary that grows marijuana and makes cannabis products, such as the products from  Ganja Express. The evolution of cannabis use has evolved from smoking to edible and even topical use. But the most common use is through vape and daps. The release of butane and carbon dioxide is far better than the release of Hydrocarbons.

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The Amber Hue

The reason why cannabis extract or hemp oil is known as honey oil is due to the sticky consistency and amber color that resembles exactly like honey. The oil is a pure form of cannabis and has almost 12 percent of THC with 40-60% of CBD in it. It has a marijuana skunky smell as well. The stickiness is essential for its potent use in bongs, vapes, and E-pens.

The Safe Use of Honey Oil

The products from Ganja Express is used topically on the spot, while others like to add it in their meals. It has the same effect as other forms of cannabis products. It helps with pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and provides light euphoric effects.

The oil is very rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, which have many medical effects. The honey oil effect is known as the “entourage effect.”

Safety Index

Cannabis is either smoked or ingested. While smoked marijuana has rapid effects and is short-lived, many tend to use it through inhalation, but that damages your lungs. Edible forms are gummies and chocolates, but the products from Ganja Express is high on THC and is very potent when it comes to its effect. The effect is mainly for medical purposes and ailments.

While edible cannabis takes a while, the oil has a little rapid effect than edible treats. Also, it can be used topically as well. Also, they can be used as vaporized cannabis in vape and even in bongs.


The safest way to consume cannabis has been discovered to be in the form of an oil extract known as honey oil, which is pure and is a medically effective and safe way to use cannabis. Visit Ganja Express for all your cannabis needs