Improve Your Sleep Cycle using these Cannabis strains

Sleeping disorders can vary from mild to chronic; people who can’t fall asleep are known to have insomnia. It is a very common disease in people who have mental health disorders, or have poor sleeping cycles or are on some new medication. There can be many reasons, but Ganja express has the remedy. This online dispensary has over 45 years of experience in growing cannabis.


Medical Use of Cannabis

When it comes to the use of cannabis from Ganja express, there are two strains that are normally used. But stoners like to play with strains and cross each for better results. The two basic strains are Sativa and Indica strains of cannabis. Both are very promising strains and popular for their potent effects. But Sativa is used to enhance mental productivity by the release of serotonin while indica increases dopamine and adds up with full-body high.

For this reason, cannabis users and first-time users always prefer indica strains. Added to the deep bodily high, some users take a small quantity of Sativa to induce the mental buzz as well.

Strains for Insomnia

Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or maintain sleep. Even after sleeping, the body feels tired. A deep bodily buzz is useful for such disorders; it helps the person to doze right into sleep and also maintains it. At Ganja express, some strains offered are;

  1. 3 Bears OG

This Indica dominant strain is all you need for your insomnia; it is fast-acting and makes you a couch potato. Maintaining sleep, it helps to keep the body relaxed.

  1. 818 OG

This fruity flavored pungent strain is on the market for treating appetite loss and insomnia. It gives both a body and mental high.

  1. House Indica

This imported AA quality of highly potent indica is specifically used for medical treatments for insomnia and chronic pain. The buzz is so high it numbs the body.

  1. Presidential OG

Pure form of Indica, provided for its sedative effects, is used in insomnia.


At Ganja express, you will find many Indica dominant strains to cure your insomnia and maintain your sleep cycle.