Ganjaexpress: – The best heavy hitter hash

Though there are many refined and more concentrates available on the market such as Ganja express, but Hash will always stay as a trend and a favourite to many. It should be noted that Hash is far more potent than cannabis strains and has way more THC levels

Ganja Express
Ganja express is widely popular among all of its clients owing to its high-quality products, and it provides the best hash products for hash users.


Potency of Hash

Hash is short for hashish, and it is somewhat a cruder form of Marijuana when it comes to isolating the trichomes. The trichomes, flowers, leaves, and even stems are compressed in hash formation. It does have high levels of TH, around 40% – 80%.

THC Levels for buzz

When it comes to smoking a joint or using vaporizers, or even a bong, you do not get to decide which strain you want; neither can you adjust the dose. The Ganja express heavy hash is the best for experiencing both full-body high and a mental buzz. Hash is more potent, which even affects its colour to be green, grey, or brown.

Ganjaexpress Best Hash for Heavy hitters

Hash is potent but has impurities as well, which is why it is a little inexpensive as compared to other edibles and concentrated available on the dispensary. Some of this heavy hitter hash is to be tried for sure;

  1. Afghan Hash

The Afghan has is pretty famous, and it is grown almost everywhere in Afghanistan. It has an earthy smell, a high level of THC and a very potent body buzzes. It is available in slabs for you to roll them easily.

  1. Blonde Lebanese Hash

Having a very woody note to its scent, this beautifully aged, smooth, and potent blend is imported from Lebanon. It is an AAAA with high levels of THC and CBD as well; it has the mental buzz along with a full-body high. .

  1. Blueberry Hash

A very economical way to reduce your anxiety; this hash has the taste and scent exactly like that of a blueberry.


If you want to try some hard hitter hash, go to Ganja express right now and grab some superb hash.