Fruity Strains: Must-Try These Ganja Express Fruity Strains

Are you a  Ganja Express consumer? There must be different strains you would have tried before and are now looking for something fruity and sweet. Strains can sometimes be too bitter for some consumers. Don’t worry, as Ganja Express brings you some delicious fruity strains you should miss out on.

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Emily’s Banana Split (Bulk)

We all know how the Banana split is a favorite of millions of people; its Indica strain is equally revitalizing as the dessert itself. It is a perfectly flavored indica that you can try at night to relax and enjoy. If you’re looking to enhance and uplift your mood and get rid of that tiredness from the depths of your brain, then this is the best option you have. Some consumers have even said that this sweet Indica strain is one step ahead and more delicious than the actual dessert. Once you smoke it, you experience different fragrances that are sweet, fruity, lemony, creamy, and much more. Your head will get a strong buzz, and you’ll be relaxed from head to toe. It treats insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, and other mental health problems.

House Grapefruit (Bulk)

So, do you love grapefruits? They are indeed so sweet and delicious, right! This strain has a sweet and sour taste that provides a tingling sensation in the taste buds. It’s after taste is also one of a kind. House grapefruit may sound like a light strain, but it’s not; its powerful relaxation effects have blown away the minds of so many consumers. It’s a great strain to experience a lazy day on the couch.

Fruit Loop (Bulk)

Have you ever tried a cereal-flavored Indica strain? If you haven’t and always wished for it, then make purchase fruit loop right away. Ganja Express has made sure everyone gets a taste of their personal favorite sweet, and that’s why adding a cereal flavor was necessary. But it’s more than just a regular sweet indica; it possesses powerful properties captivating enough for users to consume it for a lifetime. Its health benefits include relaxation, stress relief.


Visit Ganja Express right now to get your hands on the best sweet Indica in the country. Experience that sedated effect with the sweetness you craved all along.