Ganja Express Reviews

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serene farm compare with ganja express

When trying to decide which online dispensary they should order cannabis from, potential customers are presented with the job of sifting through huge numbers of competing websites.  These customers must somehow decide which of these, if any, are reliable and safe, while also offering good products at reasonable prices.

This article sets out these potential cannabis customers by comparing two online dispensaries – Ganja Express and Serene Farms.  These two sites are compared in terms of how safe and reliable they are, their product range and the prices they charge.

As an increasing number of online dispensaries have popped up on the internet, Ganja Express has emerged as one of the market leaders and one of the most visited sites of its kind in Canada.  Ganja Express is becoming an increasingly popular place to visit for anyone browsing weed products online.

In comparison, Serene Farms is newer with a smaller but dedicated customer base.  It is beginning to build a reputation for being a site with a large range of flowers, concentrates and edibles, all at very competitive prices.

This article should also help to clarify many of the concerns cannabis consumers face when the shop online.

Toronto, March 19, 2020

There is now an abundance of websites offering Canadians the chance to shop online for their cannabis products.  Although it is difficult to identify any that have risen to the status as market leaders, Ganja Express is certainly one website that has been generating a lot of interest.   Ganja Express is a particularly interesting site as it is clear they are starting to develop a certain amount of brand recognition.  

This article examines Ganja Express and attempts to decide whether this emerging popularity is justified by its performance as an online dispensary.  To assess Ganja Express it is rated in terms of a number of key aspects, including reliability, security, product range and price.  

The performance of Ganja Express is set against another website – Serene Farms.  Serene Farms is a newer online dispensary which has a large range of cannabis products and is competitively priced.  The head-to-head between Ganja Express and Serene Farms is intended to give anyone thinking of buying cannabis online impartial information on the advantages and disadvantages of the two dispensaries.  More generally, it should also provide potential cannabis customers with a useful guide on how to assess online dispensaries. 

When evaluating online dispensaries there are a set of significant questions to address.  Is the website safe and does it take appropriate security measures? What is the range of products listed on the site and how many of them are available for immediate shipping?  How much does shipping cost and how long does it take? Does the site provide customer care and how quickly do they respond to enquiries? How do prices compare for equivalent products and are discounts available?  

With these criteria in place it is possible to make a fair comparison of Ganja Express and Serene Farms.  There is little doubt that Ganja Express scores highly in most categories. However, in some specific areas it is also clear that Serene Farms outperforms its more established rival.  Serene Farms boasts an impressive product range and, in particular, it is clear that on price it often beats Ganja Express.  

Overall, both sites are worth checking out and are certainly worth bookmarking for anyone interested in purchasing cannabis products online.  

Ganja Express Grinders

April 18, 2020:
Online dispensary and Mail Order Marijuana (MoM) site, Ganja Express now stocks top quality cannabis grinders. This range includes the best weed grinders in both metal and plastic, in a range of different sizes. 
Cannabis Grinders are essential for speeding up the process of separating your dry herbs/flowers. They’re also handy to store your herb after grinding. For any connoisseur, regular recreational or medical cannabis consumer, grinders are the preferred method to break down your cannabis flowers. It’s commonly known that when you use your hands to break apart your cannabis flowers, all the precious plant matter including the trichomes can stick to your fingers causing you to lose potency of your cannabis. When weed or cannabis flowers are broken down using grinders, you catch all of the precious plant matter in a hygienic way. Your cannabis is also more compact and can be rolled neatly into a joint or placed more tightly in a bowl which results in a burn that has less oxygen allowing for a nice smooth airflow when inhaling and consuming your bud.
The most popular type of grinder is the four-piece style. Four-piece grinders have a bottom chamber that is separated from the other chambers by a metal mesh screen. This metal mesh screen catches any trichomes that falls off your buds when you are grinding them. Use your grinder to conveniently store your ground in the separate chamber. Note: Don’t let them sit there for too long to ensure freshness.
Online dispensary, Ganja Express offers a wide range of grinders including metal cannabis grinders. Most metal cannabis grinders are made of aluminum and titanium alloys. They are efficient to use and very durable. Some cannabis connoisseurs say that 50 teeth is ideal.  The more teeth your grinder has, the faster your weed breaks down. If you’re not in a huge hurry, grinders with fewer teeth work just as well but take just a touch more time. also carries plastic cannabis grinders. They’re popular as they’re a cheaper option and many people love the lightness of them which makes them convenient to travel with. Some tend to break easily and with regular use, the plastic teeth can chip and wind up in your herb mixture. It doesn’t happen often but something to note this is why GanjaExpress quality checks each grinder for durability and works with the best manufacturers in the industry to provide you with the best product.
GanjaExpress is proud to carry a high quality line of both metal and plastic grinders. Both are recommended, a metal grinder is wonderful for at-home use and if you are out and about, grab a plastic grinder and/or a smaller metal grinder. Keep on at home, one in the car and another at the cabin so you always have one on hand. 
Whether you’re shopping for your first grinder or adding another one to your collection. carries a wonderful variety including a large durable and luxe 4-piece metal, cannabis grinder, an eye-catching large 2-piece rainbow oil, slick metal grinder, a conveniently medium sized, 2-piece metal grinder, and two, durable plastic grinders, a larger 3-piece style as well as a smaller 2-piece plastic grinder. Check out the collection to choose one that suits your best.
Grinders now available to order from online dispensary