Firechews, Cannabis-Infused Gummies

Firebars (fire bars) edibles 5 Serene Farms Online Dispensary

Firechews, Cannabis-Infused Gummies

FireChews, cannabis-infused gummies are now available to order online from Serene farms Online Dispensary

FireChews, cannabis-infused gummies are now available to order online from Serene farms Online Dispensary

Firechews – Cannabis Gummies are now also available from Serene Farms Online Dispensary.

Toronto, January 10, 2020 –  Firechews gummies are vegan friendly and gluten free.  With ten flavors available, including grape, blueberry and peach, you are sure to find your favorite.come in a wide variety of flavors.

Edibles, such as Firechews , offer an accessible and convenient alternative for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis but dislike the experience of smoking or vaping.

In the past, edible cannabis was limited to the cliched pot brownie.  That is certainly no longer the case with a wide-range of edible cannabis products available at Serene Farms Online Dispensary

Cannabis-infused chocolate, like  FireBars, offer a convenient, practical and delicious method of consuming THC.  FireBars be easily stored and frozen. Importantly, they allow for more precise dosage.

Each bag of Firechews contains 100mg of THC (20mg per piece).  When THC is ingested rather than inhaled, it is metabolized by the liver and this produces a more intense, longer-lasting high.  THC can result in a wide-range of effects, including relaxation, euphoria and increased appetite.

Typically, the effects of ingested THC come on more slowly and stay for longer.  This means that not only are Firechews an ideal choice for both recreational use, but they are also great for providing long-lasting relief from pain and other symptoms.

Due to the way edibles are metabolized, it may take between 30 minutes and 2 hours for the effects to be felt.  But when they are felt, user report stronger physical and mental highs. For this reason, to produce comfortable effects, smaller doses are strongly recommended.

Firechews are gluten free and  and each pack contains 100mg of THC.

Serene Farms Online Dispensary offers free delivery in Canada

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