Why Smoking Cannabis Causes Red, Bloodshot Eyes

Why Smoking Cannabis Causes Red, Bloodshot Eyes

Someone with high marijuana’s storey red eyes is often responsible for smoke discomfort. But that’s simple confusion. Marijuana is red in the eyes with the same reason as it is used to treat glaucoma, a neurological phenomenon termed vasodilatation. The major psychoactive component, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is caused by vasodilation behind the red eyes. THC is only one of one hundred and thirteen + active compounds in marijuana classified as cannabinoids. Those compounds communicate with cannabinoid receptors in the body and the eyes in especially.

Because THC attaches to cannabinoid from doob dasher receptors, it reduces our blood pressure, allowing blood vessels and capillaries to dilate or increase. For your skin, your eyelashes extend and induce an injection of blood to the area, causing a red sclera (including the white of your skin). That’s why we call the eyes “bloodshot.”

Why is Marijuana Red Your Eyes?

If you ever asked, “Do edibles make your eyes red,” the answer should be obvious. As the edibles can also include THC, such as subjects and tinctures, vasodilatation may even induce red eyes.

THC-induced vasodilation of the eye capillary often momentarily decreases intraocular pressure for glaucoma patients. The primary symptom of glaucoma is high intraocular pressure, which may cause optical nerve damage and vision loss. Reducing this pressure is, therefore, a crucial goal in the management of glaucoma. A research reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggested that intraocular pressure decreased by up to thirty percent.


Red eyes are an unharmful pot side effect and are typically no concern. However, they may be an annoyance for those who require cannabis treatment to get during the day. Because of the enduring stigma about weed, employment, or a bloodshed-eyed university might prompt unwelcome publicity and future legal issues. Fortunately, certain techniques are in effect to reduce the incidence of red eyes after marijuana usage.

Eye Drops

The most successful way to reduce red eyes is eye drops available at doob dasher. Basically, all eye drop variants have Tetrizoline, which is blood- alpha-agonist. This modifies the dilation due to THC, which improves the blood supply to the eyes and decreases the redness.

Home remedies

Many Other things in the house can also induce vasoconstriction. For instance, caffeine may help cause vasoconstriction.

That is why drinking a fresh cup of coffee or eating a dark chocolate might therefore tend to reduce the red eyes.

Cold water

Water “if possible cold” is also a potent vasoconstrictor. It forces the body to transfer blood to our heart to defend critical organs as an instinct of life. Splash cold water on your face or put an ice sheet over your eyes will do this. If you’re adventurous enough, you’ll even do the trick with a cold shower or ice bath.

You might have heard that remaining hydrated will reduce redness, but this is incorrect. Planning and time control was a possible approach to avoid this. If you plan to smoke cannabis before working, intend to do it sufficiently in advance so that the body and the eyes will heal.