What is the difference between a cannabis extract and a concentrate?

What is the difference between a cannabis extracts and a concentrate?

Are you someone who is interested in trying out cannabis-related products such as concentrate or extracts? Do you ever wonder what the main differences are between a cannabis extract and Concentrate? If you want to learn more about these two different yet beneficial products, then continue reading this article from Doob Dasher

Cannabis extracts

One of the things about cannabis extracts is that it uses different kinds of solvents in it to make the final products. The solvents include ethanol, carbon dioxide, propane, and butane. Depending on the type and amount of solvent you add, you will have a different smell, color, and overall appearance to it. Other factors that influence the different extracts are the type of cannabis flower used process of making and packaging.

Cannabis concentrate

The another type of cannabis product is the concentrate which can be dated back up to 900 AD. With this type, the process of making it is mostly done through hand or the use of simply metal equipments. By compressing trichomes which are found in the flower of the cannabis, the concentrate can be formed.

Hydrocarbon extracts

When it comes to hydrocarbon extracts, there are two main types of solvents used, which are propane and butane. In both solvents, the cannabis flower is placed a close vacuum but the resulting product made differs from each other in terms of its chemical properties.

Health benefits

Whether you decide to use cannabis extracts or concentrate from Doob Dasher, the main health benefits that both these products offer are reducing chronic pain, helping relieve the mind from depression and anxiety feelings, help with cancer and even multiple sclerosis.


So hopefully, by now, you know the main difference between the cannabis extracts and the concentrate. Whatever you choose to use, remember always to do research and take it in moderation.  If you want to get some amazing Cannabis products such as extracts and concentrates, you should look into Doob Dasher. Because of their services and high-quality products, Doob Dasher is popular among all types of cannabis lovers. Get your preferred cannabis extracts and concentrates today and start enjoying the cannabis experience.