Dried Mushroom: – Doob dasher best dried mushroom for mushrooms lovers

Hey there! Are you snooping around for a little strain mix? How about you try some mushrooms tonight? It is sure to get you hooked on shrooms. Try the mushrooms available on doobdasher online dispensary and it will change your concept of getting high. That is a guaranteed statement.

Dried Mushroom - Doob dasher best dried mushroom for mushrooms lovers
Mushrooms fresh or dried are amazing for a good buzz. They are in actual words psilocybin fungi that are polyphyletic and are used for a CBD related buzz and treatments. The doobdasher is known for medical marijuana and other medically related CBD and THC products.


Tiny brains like clusters of mushrooms that are 3-4 types bigger than normal mushrooms. These little babies are rare so if you get your hands on this strain thanks to doobdasher online dispensary do not hesitate. The buzz is smooth and clean; it covers the entire body slowly and has a longer duration of effect. When you get a pile then you can figure out your dosing. As a beginner it’s better to go with micro dosing which is good for da today use.


The oldest and the traditionally used psychedelic; It was first discovered in Cuba and let’s face it no one could keep their hands away from it. The long yellow fleshy stems and a large cap and its characteristic; It is the popular mushroom that has been used for ages now and never gets old.

The effects of all mushrooms are almost the same as you increase the dose the psychedelic effects increase.


These shrooms are amazingly psychedelic and have been bought from Texas as the name indicates. These are a doobdasher delicacy for those who are looking for micro dosing. These mushrooms are known to have shamanistic properties and have been known to be used in many spiritual rituals. These are long yellow tems with conical caps which can be baled into any treat or just grinded fresh.




Having mushrooms on your hands is a blessing. This cannabidiol is an amazing natural benefit for those who are in pain or need to relax a bit. You can find these on doobdasher.