Dreaming of Cannabis: How Cannabis Impacts Your Dreams: Must try these doobdasher strains

When you dream more in your sleep that is the half-awake portion of your sleep which means you are not getting enough sleep that you are required. When it comes to good quality sleep, it needs to be non-REM sleep for the most part of the entire period of your sleep time. Doobdasher  has different strains that allow better sleep and also help people suffering from insomnia.


REM sleep

Sleep is the most important part of a day. It helps replenish the body with hormones, nutrients, and cells that have been broken down for daily energy. When the body is too tired, and the brain is too active, the portion of Rem sleep prolongs, which is normally about 20 mins to half-hour, but with mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia, this portion prolongs, and that means less rest.

The Rem sleep means that parts here you dream and have rapid eye movements. It can also lead to sleep talking, arm, and leg movement. While in non- REM, which is deep sleep, the body is stationary, breathing is deep, and there are no dreams.

Suppressing the REM sleep

People who use Doobdasher cannabis to sleep often say they do not remember dreams or do not dream at all, which means cannabis helps prolong the non-REM stage.


Maintaining the deep body buzz is helpful in insomnia and anxiety. It helps the person to be locked as a couch potato and maintains sleep for a longer time. This indica strain from Doobdasher is used to cure insomnia and people suffering from nightmares.


The top of the crop strain AAAA is the best for suppressing REM sleep and increasing the non-REM sleep in people suffering from nightmares, interrupted sleep cycle, and even insomnia.


This dense strain helps to hold the person down on the bed and maintain sleep longer. It skips the REM sleep portion and helps maintain a healthy sleep cycle.


Dreams are only subjected to a portion of sleep, that is, the REM sleep. The Doobdasher offers amazing strains for people having trouble sleeping.