Doobdasher: – Are you a cannabis lover? Must try these cannabis strains

Hear out all you cannabis lovers. What’s up? Are you not bored of smoking the same usual strains every day? Let’s introduce you to some more to step a little out of the way and try new ones to enhance your experience. Doobdasher has the best strains in store, and you need to definitely give them a try. If you are having a hard time choosing, here are the best ones listed.

Doobdasher - Are you a cannabis lover Must try these cannabis strains


This cannabis flower from the Doobdasher is a hybrid marijuana strain with a balanced Indica to Sativa ratio. This strain gives out a dense milky smooth smoke. As for the flavors, it possesses a pretty sweet flavor with earthy hints to it. Containing very high levels of THC, this strain gives you a very relaxing body buzz with euphoric vibes. Platinum GSC is known for treating arthritis, ADHD/ADD, pains, anxiety, and stress.


Yet another one from Doobdasher cannabis flowers, fire stomper, is a balanced hybrid strain. It possesses a very sweet fruity flavor similar to grapes with hits of some pepper and spice. The aroma is pretty much the same, with the inclusion of strong hints of fresh herbs. Upon consumption, you feel a strong high with a euphoric sensation, and you will feel yourself dwelling into hunger just moments later. This fire stomper strain treats lack of appetite, stress, nausea, fatigue, and pains.


J Kush (AA) from doobdasher is a Sativa leaning hybrid marijuana strain. This strain possesses an intense sweet woody flavor and leaves a citrusy flavor lingering on your taste buds after smoking. The aroma it is known for having is a floral, woody, and citrusy blend. J Kush will get you into a long-lasting pleasant high and will make you fool all energized, relaxed, and happy. It is also a treatment for PTSD, muscle spasms, arthritis, fatigue, depression, and migraines.


It is never too late to try out more cannabis strains. These Doobdasher are the best strains if you are looking for something different.