Doob dasher: – Must try these doob dasher strains for creativity

Have you been feeling quite lazy lately and want to become productive? Doobdasher  cares for you, and so it has a very fun solution to your little problem. To boost up your energy and creativity level immediately, head over to the doobdasher online dispensary, where it has for you a variety of strains to boost your creativity level

Doob dasher - Must try these doob dasher strains for creativity.


Chocolate Kush from Doobdasher is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of AA grade. As the name suggests, the chocolate Kush has pungent vanilla and a chocolate-like scent with a very earthy-sweet skunk taste. It has the beautiful appearance of a thick bud wrapped in trichomes. This strain gives a moderate euphoric sensation, uplifting your mood and making you feel creative. Chocolate Kush can help treat arthritis, migraines, PTSD, cancer, insomnia, spinal injuries, and many more medical conditions.


Straight from the Doobdasher, the rocket fuel strain has a very high indica ratio, making it an almost pure Indica strain. This indica strain is known for possessing a very sweet candy fruity flavor with a mix of spice and herbal tones. It has a strong fruity aroma with diesel and spice hints alongside some slight notes of sweetness. On consumption, it gives you a euphoric sensation with a body high with an uplifted mood. Rocket fuel can really fuel up your creativity and help treat insomnia and pains.


This one is yet another strain from the doobdasher, which is an almost pure Indica hybrid. The exact ratio of indica: sativa in this strain has not been identified. As for the flavor, the SFV OG strain has a fruity grape and lemon flavor with a mix of sweet skunk, and so is its aroma; fruity and skunk. This strain gives you a very nice physical high and soothing body buzz making you feel very relaxed, surrendering your body to the couch with a tranquilizing feeling. This strain helps treat pain, stress, and insomnia.


Add some creativeness and productivity to your everyday life with these classy strains from Doobdasher.