Cannabis and healthy sleep: – Doob dasher best strains for healthy sleep

Looking for something that helps you sleep like a baby? If you’re a cannabis user, then you may know how it gives you that relaxing sensation and lightens up the mood. Some strains are capable enough to doze you off in a matter of minutes, after which you tend to have a good night’s rest.

Following are mentioned some of the best Doobdasher strains for a good night’s sleep.

Cannabis and healthy sleep - Doob dasher best strains for healthy sleep


First, on the Doobdasher list, we have Star Killer, which is recommended for its capability to convert a low mood to a happy one. It calms the mind and body and spreads a relaxing vibe from head to toe. A couple of puffs and you’ll be sedated. You might want to hit the bed and get a good rest. It also helps treat depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia.


Sleeping can be so relaxing, and it’s the best way to escape from the world’s problems. Tom Ford makes sure you get the excellent comfortable sleep that you craved for such a long time. Going to sleep can be a tough job for many. This strain helps you doze off like never before. You’ll be so energized and lightened after waking up. It helps you get by a stressful day and refreshes your mind immediately.


This one is strong pain relief. Sometimes coping with medical issues, especially chronic pain can become a hurdle. Using this strain for pain relief and then getting high enough to sleep is the best option for such patients. Its THC levels hit at 19.5%, which is excellent for mind relaxation. This strain treats insomnia and makes sure you sleep like a toddler in your bed. Look up the online dispensary Doobdasher for this stash.

Wedding Cake (AAA)

Want to experience that deep sleep with a yummy aroma as well? Wedding Cake brings you the most luscious and tasty flavors along with an over-the-top aroma that drives you insane with happiness and energy. It helps you sleep with ease and comfort in no time, plus helps treat depression and stress.


Visit Doobdasher if you’re looking into getting that perfect rest. You’ll feel like a whole new person once you wake up and experience that off-the-top energy all over.