Best Music to Listen to While Tripping on Mushrooms

Best Music to Listen to While Tripping on Mushrooms

Music from Doob dasher has always been an integral element that people use to enhance their psychedelic trips. People use music to induce a calming and healing effect while tripping on mushrooms. Many individuals believe that the right tracks can enhance your trip in meaningful ways and help you find your authentic self.

Let’s take a look at some of the best songs that can help you enjoy your Doob dasher magic mushroom trip!

To Initiate the Trip

Here are two songs that will help you enjoy the beginning of your trip:

Resonance Meditation and Faith’s Hymn by Beautiful Chorus

Beautiful Chorus produces hypnotic tracks that are ideal for a shroom trip. These two songs help smoothen your transition into the psychedelic world. They have a soothing and calming feel to them.

To Celebrate the Peak

Here are two songs that will help you celebrate the peak of your psychedelic journey:

Expensive Shit by FelaKuti

This classic track by the legendary Nigerian Afrobeat artist FelaKuti is a stirring and intense selection ideal for the passion you will experience at the peak.

Paradise Valley by Jay Daniel

It’s a gentle yet rhythmic track that invokes the feeling of gliding on water and riding a gentle wave. You can play it on loop without overwhelming your senses. It will put you at ease and inspire you simultaneously.

To Transition into the Denouement

Here are two songs that are ideal for the conclusion of your shroom trip:

Abusey Junction by Kokoroko

It’s one of the best songs to end your psychedelic trip. Kokoroko’s music has a calming effect and evokes indescribable emotions. The stirring ambience that Abusey Junction creates is a welcome homecoming for anyone returning from a trip.

Here Come the Sun by Nina Simone

As the breakthroughs of your trip are settling in your brain and culminating your journey, this aptly titled song sums up your emotions to the T. Nina Simone lends a compelling charm to this song. Doob dasher cannabis buds can help assist in this calmness.

Now that you have the right tracks to listen to while tripping on shrooms, don’t forget to visit Doob dasher to get your hands on the highest-quality magic mushrooms to get tripping today!