4 Best Weed Strains for Beginners From Doob Dasher

Cannabis seems like a very easy and achievable item, but it all comes down to dosing and quality; these can be checked if you order from online medical dispensaries such as  Doob Dasher. If you are a first-time user, do not go too overboard and adventurous. Cannabis and its products are highly beneficial, but everything should be used according to their instructions.

Doob Dasher

The beginner’s guide

There are many rumors out and about cannabis but put your mind to ease, start slow. Any strain you select should have lower THC levels, for it is a psychoactive element. CBD has more medical benefits. For first-time users, hemp or Sativa strains are preferred, but strains of indica are also a good start. All of which you can get at Doob Dasher

Start slow and take your way up with the THC and CBD levels. Once you know which strain works for you, then you can always be recreational.

The beginner strains

As a beginner, you need your body to accept the new herb you introduced and your THC receptors to work accordingly. Higher levels of THC, CBD, terpenes, Sativa and Indica, can be used afterward.

  1. OG (AA)

Doob Dasher offers good quality AA grade OG Kush, focusing on the mental buzz and not the body high. It makes you more focused and uplifts the mood as well. It provides an energy boost and adds to productivity.

  1. Banana Kush (AA)

With a little ounce of euphoria and mild body buzz, this hybrid strain can also be used as your cannabis journey starter. It helps in lowering anxiety, making you talk to people easily, and also makes you more creative.

  1. Peanut Butter (AAAA)

Top-of-the-line strain, this marijuana strain has a sedating effect but not couch locking such as indica. It relaxes the body and helps you sleep. Mostly used in insomnia and depression. For beginners, it is not too overbearing.

  1. Blue Polaris (AA)

Blue Polaris is an amazing strain, easily available strain for beginners to lower stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation. It relaxes the body and gives a mild cerebral euphoric wave. It has a very berry-like aroma.


The Doob Dasher offers many medically grown marijuana, but as a beginner, you should take risks with recreational strains. Start easy and stick to the basics for better effects.