Tips and Tricks for Your First Time Smoking Weed

Tips and Tricks for Your First Time Smoking Weed

Seeking wisdom for using weed for the first time? Then you have come to the right place. Distillate direct offers more than just premium quality weed. Also, research about things you add to your health should be taken seriously. The online dispensary Distillate direct offers insights on the Best ways to smoke weed for beginners. The aim is to not only provide weed but help those in need.

Considering Weed

Weed is a byproduct of the marijuana plant, which has two categories, Sativa and Indica. Usually, weed has more THC levels in it; that is why the mental buzz is heavier. When it comes to beginners, the Best way to smoke weed is connected to what you feel about it and many other factors.

Here are a few tips and tricks from Distillate direct for beginners who are starting to use weed as a therapeutic alternative.

Keep Your Friends Around

It is better to have people who care about you around you when you start smoking your weed. Because it helps to keep your mind at ease, and it eliminates any fear you might have. Also, if you have any buzz that starts to scare you, your friends can take care of you. Also, it is not a good idea to be alone or even drive when you have taken a dose as a beginner.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep water bottles and beverages with yourself, so you do not have to get up. No matter what way you, even the Best ways to smoke will give you a dry mouth. It is better to eliminate this effect by sipping water continuously. It helps maintain a good buzz and also helps in enhancing your therapeutic effect.

Get Your Strain

As a beginner, a dominant Sativa strain should not be your best pick; it will leave you a couch potato for hours and might end up giving you a bad high. It is better to opt for an Indica strain with higher CBD, so your body is relaxed with minimal mental stimulation. It will help ease mental issues such as pain and anxiety as well.


Knowing the Best ways to smoke weed may come in handy when you have a premium quality weed strain at hand. Choose Distillate direct for your weed distribution and see the difference!