The four Distillate Direct cannabis strains you must try this summer

The four Distillate Direct cannabis strains you must try this summer.

Hear out all the cannabis lovers! Do you want to enjoy the summers with a whole new and different vibe this time? Then what are you waiting for? Stock up on some incredible strains from Distillate direct  to add up a different kind of spark to your summers.

The four Distillate Direct cannabis strains you must try this summer. (2)

Here are some strains to vibe with this summer.


This strain from Distillate direct is a balanced hybrid strain. Coming to what it tastes of, this strain possesses a very nutty and earthy taste with sour hints alongside a very tempting peanut butter-like aroma. This strain will give an uplifting euphoric cerebral buzz making you lose your focus and feel drowsy. It can treat chronic pain, mood swings, and nausea.

M.A.C #2 (AAAA)

Also known as Monster cookies, M.A.C #2 is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain. All the way from Distillate direct this strains a fruity orange taste with undertones of earthy sweetness and fluorescence. It gives you a smooth head and body buzz with a rush of happiness. This strain can be used to treat medical conditions like chronic stress and depression.


Hash plant, also referred to as ‘Hash plant,’ is a highly Indica-leaning hybrid weed strain. This strain possesses a very hashy flavor with hints of spice alongside its woody scent with earthy tones. When you smoke it, it will give you a euphoric buzz making you surrender your body to the couch with sedatives. It can help with treating chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.


Violator strain, also known as violator Kush, is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain. This strain from Distillate direct holds a very kushy pine taste with some spice alongside a strong earthy scent. Violator is said to give you a full-body buzz making you out-focused and couch-locked until eventually, it turns into deep relaxation. It can help treat chronic pain and stress.


Summers are already here. Add some thrill to your summers with these amazing strains from Distillate direct and experience a feeling like never before. You will definitely come back for more.