Foods That Go Well with Smoking Marijuana

Foods That Go Well with Smoking Marijuana

Modern experimentation with Distillate direct  weed has led to fascinating discoveries as to which foods enhance your high. When it comes down to it, its all about which chemicals work well with the active chemicals in cannabis. Pairing your marijuana with some albeit strange combinations can take your euphoric experience to the next level.

Give these foods a try the next time you light one up.


Everyone knows that chocolate releases the happy chemicals in our brain. Now, imagine pairing this with the euphoria-inducing chemicals in marijuana sold at distillate direct. The next time you have the munchies, reach for a chocolate bar to enhance your high. Alternatively, you could opt for weed-infused chocolate bars to get the full experience in one go.


Sometimes it may take some time for the psychoactive effects of cannabis to kick in. Nuts can help speed up this process. They contain omega-3 fatty acids that bind with Distillate direct cannabinoids to pass through the blood brain barrier. These healthy fats can keep your cardiovascular system healthy and unaffected by the effects of cannabis on your heart rate.


The terpenes in mangoes help cannabinoids penetrate the blood brain barrier faster, helping you get the euphoric feeling faster. It is one of the best foods to enhance your high, as it lets you stay in that state for longer too.


Broccoli might have been the last thing on your mind when it comes to foods that enhance your high. However, the beta caryophyllene in broccoli works with cannabinoid to reduce inflammation and pain. Healthy foods can be fun too!

Sweet Potatoes

Vitamin E and B in sweet potatoes increase serotonin production in the brain, putting you in a better mood. If you get the blues when you light a joint, you can munch on these carbs to turn that mood around.


The relaxing and soothing effects of tea can pair with cannabis to give you the ultimate laid-back experience. The antioxidant catechin binds with Distillate direct cannabinoids to create the peaceful feeling of tranquility. So, if marijuana tends to make you hyperactive, you can brew a cup of tea to calm yourself down.

Whether you vape or roll up a joint, eating the abovementioned foods can enhance your high. If you’re looking for a place to purchase your next stash, look no further than distillate direct.