Distillate Direct- The benefits of magic mushrooms

Mushrooms have a long list of benefits attached to them. From curing depression to assisting alcohol addiction, researchers have found out that medical magic mushrooms can be used safely and effectively if used correctly. Distillate Direct houses some of the best harvests in the market. Visit the store and purchase what you need to fulfill your purpose.

Psilocybin is a powerful naturally grown psychedelic drug found in magic mushrooms. Although much less potent than LSD, psilocybin has a long list of health benefits. Medical practitioners have started recommending this to patients who suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Alongside curing mental health, individuals use psilocybin to increase their creativity. Still not convinced of how beneficial a small dose of psilocybin mushrooms can prove to be? Here’s a list of benefits and treatments psilocybin brings along with it.

1- Depression

Depression is one of the most commonly treated diseases from psilocybin. Health line reported last year that psilocybin therapy was termed as the ‘breakthrough therapy’ for treating depression.

2- A cure for addictions like smoking

In a study from Johns Hopkins University, supported by Distillate Direct, it was found out that psilocybin therapy is one of the most effective in curing addictions.  Whether it be drinking or smoking, addicted users who used psilocybin could give up their addictions in a much easier manner than those who did not use psilocybin.

3- Psychological distress

Cancer patients, and individuals in general who faced psychological distress, have reported feeling much better in terms of mental distress with the usage of psilocybin mushrooms. The psychedelic effects allow the users to get out of the repetitive cycle of negative thoughts they have due to an illness or negative events that take place in their lives. While high on mushrooms, users can experience a “breakthrough” like feeling and effect which in turn makes them feel better.

4- Creativity

Magic mushrooms from Distillate Direct and LSD are famous in the field of arts and craft as they allow the human brain to experience a boost in creativity and imagination with euphoric effects. With a positive effect on mental health, magic mushrooms can be used by people who belong to the creative industry.

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