Distillate direct: Must try Sativa strains for Sativa lovers

Is someone giving a thought to try some exclusive and rate strains? Are you an Indica dominant admirer, or have you ever tried Sativa? Strains, available at distillate direct, have also been prescribed therapeutically in order to ease chronic fatigue and mood swings for medicinal marijuana patients. The impact, however, can be different for different individuals.

Strawberry Short Cookies

This has a relaxing effect on the body, and it also comes with so many gastrointestinal advantages. The cerebral impacts can bring you in a state of euphoria and can be spacey, and can also help you get away with depression, stress and anxiety, and can help you perform repetitive tasks. This comes in many amazing flavors that you will surely love to have.

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem, found at distillate direct, can make you feel mentally active, high, energetic, and uplifted. This is the strain that is rather easy to cultivate, gives you medium to high yields, and has about 20% THC level. Its buds, because of their orangey and pink shade, are sometimes confused with another Indica dominant strain, Nukem. This can give the happiness, creativity, and laughter that can instantly cheer you up.

Sour Diesel

This has amazing energizing, dreamy, fast-acting, and cerebral effects. Generally, this is opted by medical marijuana patients to deal with stress, depression, and pain symptoms. This has been a legendary direct distillate Sativa strain since the 1990s that features a diesel-like smell and pungent flavor profile.

Frostbite Sativa Strain

Its consumption has some effects that make you rather talkative, uplifted, tenacious, vigorous, focused, and way happier and relaxed. It is very effective in keeping your pain down, letting you sleep and perform better ultimately. This can be even helpful in getting your appetite back. You cannot find anything more rewarding in a bag of buds and flowers. Get this amazing strain at distillate direct


Everyone who has a thing for Sativa strains should head on to distillate direct to give them a go because you won’t regret it.