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Definitions Serene Farms Online Dispensary
Definitions Serene Farms Online Dispensary
Death Bubba
Death Bubba is a new high-quality hybrid, recently appearing in cannabis stores and online dispensaries. It is the offspring of two of the most famous marijuana strains in North America - Bubba Kush and Death Star. The word from dispensaries is that Death Bubba could even be better than the sum of its parts. Death Bubba looks immediately striking with shades of deep purple hues and thickly covered with trichomes and terpenes. But the reason it has been attracting a lot of attention on online dispensaries is that breeding Death Star and Bubba Kush has created a very pungent skunk which releases a sweet, earthy smoke. The high is described as semi-sedative, unwinding the user and slowly soothing physical discomfort.
OG Kush
OG Kush is a building block of many well-known marijuana strains and its genetic profile is found amongst many of the best-selling strains in cannabis stores and online dispensaries. However, OG Kush is a formidable marijuana strain in its own right and extremely popular with users. OG Kush is a sativa-dominant strain and boasts a distinctive terpene profile, responsible for a unique aroma of earthy, musty scents with citrus tones. When broken the buds on OG Kush release fresh, bright notes of pine. However, OG Kush owes its legendary reputation and loyal fans to its potency. OG Kush boasts very high concentrations of THC, which reach almost record-breaking levels of 19-24%. OG Kush is said to be a social strain, creating a relaxed, enjoyable conversations. Highs start with a strong headrush which gives way to feelings of euphoria. It is used to treat depression, anxiety, stress and bipolar disorder and is an effective remedy for pain and nausea. OG Kush exhibits bright orange pistils and yellow-green leaves to attract your attention in the cannabis store or online dispensary.
MK Ultra
In 2003 MK Ultra won 1st place for Indica strains at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and was awarded 2nd place a year later. MK Ultra can be found in many cannabis stores and is typically stocked by online dispensaries. Cannabis breeders combined the famous sativa, OG Kush, with an indica strain called G-13 to create a indica/sativa hybrid. It was then named MK Ultra after the mental manipulation experiments employed by the CIA. For good reason - MK Ultra is very potent, one of the heaviest indica hybrids you can find at online dispensaries. MK Ultra boasts levels of THC up to 18%, with just 0.1% of CBD. MK Ultra is fast-acting and causes strong cerebral effects that quickly sedate the user. Users report feeling euphoric and experience heavy, drooping eyelids. MK Ultra has a powerful, unusual odor, but displays classic, earthy tastes with fresh pine notes. Dispensaries may recommend MK Ultra as helpful for calming nerves, treating depression as well as for insomnia sufferers and to stimulate appetites.
Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain, named after its characteristic, diesel-like aroma. It is a popular marijuana strain and in cannabis stores or online dispensaries you are very likely to hear it referred to Sour Deez, or Sour D. Sour Diesel exhibits strong, sour flavours undercut with bright citrus notes. With a sativa/indica ratio of around 90/10, but with 20-25% THC, Sour Diesel works to quickly invigorate and energize its users. As a fast-acting strain, it is often marketed by cannabis outlets and online dispensaries as an alternative to coffee, to be taken in the morning, or as an afternoon pick-me-up. The highs Sour Diesel produces are often described as ‘spacey’ sativa head-highs, lasting for 2 to 3 hours. At the same time, your body feels energized, with a warm, head-rush, which helps users pleasantly drift off. In dispensaries Sour Diesel is often recommended for those who need to lighten their mood or feel more energetic.
Pot of Gold
Pot of Gold has an impressive lineage and an equally impressive reputation. Bred in the Netherlands from the famous strains, Hindu Kush and Skunk #1, it has won awards for its potent recreational effects and medical benefits. Pot of Gold is regarded highly by those in the know and is a best-seller in many cannabis outlets and online dispensaries. Pot of Gold is an indica-dominant strain, measured at around 90/10. A serious Kush influence is clear in its earthy, pungent aroma and flavor but clearer, fruity notes are also detectable. Pot of Gold has dark-green leaves and buds covered with resinous, silver trichomes. These are responsible for a THC levels of up to 20% and a fast-acting high that is, initially, typically indica, the body relaxing and a feeling of being physically at ease. But Pot of Gold also produces a mental high and a sensation of soaring. This combination of positivity and relaxation means that Pot of Gold is ideal for those seeking clear-headed thoughts, relief from depression and pain and to combat lack of appetite.
Grand Daddy Purps
Grand Daddy Purple, known as Grand Daddy Purps or, quite often, as just GDP, was bred from two indica strains - Big Bud and Purple Urkle. The result is a potent indica with THC levels of over 20%. For those who like strong indica effects this strain is highly recommended and is much in demand at cannabis stores and online dispensaries. GDP has a sweet aroma reminiscent of berries and a taste that is commonly compared to grapes. The indica-like effects are felt through a tranquil body-high that rolls quickly over the user and can result in heavy limbs and couch lock. Budtenders usually recommned GDP for use late in the day and, as a sedative, it is a good choice for those hoping to enjoy a comfortable sleep. The heavy relaxing properties of GDP mean that is is often utilized by those who need to manage chronic pain, who suffer from insomnia or stress.
Blackwater Kush
In 2014 Blackwater Kush was named the third best indica in the Cannabis Cup and over the last few years the strain has increased its reputation as one of the most balanced and usable indicas around. Often recommended by budtenders, Blackwater Kush is a firm favorite in cannabis stores and online dispensaries. Blackwater Kush was bred from Mendocino Purple and the legendary strain, OG Kush. The influence of Mendocino Purple can be seen in its characteristic deep purple buds and the sweet berry aromas it produces. The Kush lineage is also felt in the classic pungent and earth aromas. It is also clear in the THC levels which can reach a powerful 20% The indica influence is also felt in the slow onset high. Users typically experience calm spreading throughout their body, a heaviness in their limbs and overall feelings of relaxation and euphoria. Blackwater Kush is usually recommended for use later in the day and its effects are often utilized for medical purposes to reduce muscle and joint pain, to sharpen the appetite and to help combat insomnia.
Chocolate OG
Chocolate OG is extremely potent, indica-dominant strain. Although there is some disagreement over the precise THC content, many suggest it can reach a remarkable 26%. This makes it one of the most potent strains around and gives it a certain notoriety. However, THC content is not the only reason to take an interest in Chocolate OG. While it has a typical Kush appearance, with its tight buds and dark-green leaves, Chocolate OG displays recognisable chocolate brown pistils and a covering of resinous, white trichomes. There is the usual pungent, sour odour of Kush, but Chocolate OG also has a distinctive and appealing cocoa aroma and, when exhaled, users report pleasing coffee flavors. Chocolate OG initiates a slow-onset high, eventually inducing a strong body high which relaxes the limbs till they feel increasingly heavy. However, one of the attractions of Chocolate OG is that it also produces a sativa-like cerebral buzz and, occasionally, psychedelic effects. Chocolate OG can also have certain medical benefits, such as the management of severe pain. Chocolate OG is a very interesting strain. Its high potency mean that it might not be for everyone. It is better suited to use later in the day and should be taken with care, but is certainly something to investigate at your local cannabis store or online dispensary.
Purple Candy Kush
Purple Candy Kush was created by crossbreeding two indicas, Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps. The result is a very potent and well-regarded strain that is often recommended by budtenders and stocked by many cannabis stores and online dispensaries. The buds of Purple Candy Kush are a distinctive mixture of dark-green, amber and purple. The thick covering of sticky trichomes betrays the high THC content that can be up to 19%. Users report that, when inhaled, Purple Candy Kush has a taste reminiscent of honey and grapes. The strain has a characteristic indica body-high that soothes muscles and joints and brings feelings of euphoria. Interestingly, users also report Purple Candy Kush has positive social effects, aiding conversation and promoting positive emotions. The sedative quality of Purple Candy Kush leads many budtenders to recommend it for evening use. Medical benefits are said to include combating insomnia and a lack of appetite. It is also used to control migraines, anxiety and depression.
Strawberry Banana
Strawberry Banana is an indica-dominant hybrid developed by the breeders DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds by crossing Bubble-Gum and Banana Kush. Strawberry Banana’s lineage includes OG Kush and this is evidenced by incredibly high THC levels, measure at between 17% and 23%. This potency and the distinctive fruity taste and aroma of Strawberry Banana make it an attractive strain for many users and one that is frequently requested at cannabis stores and online dispensaries. Strawberry Banana’s OG Kush lineage can be observed in its tight buds which are covered in sticky trichomes and produce a pungent, hashy odour. In contrast, Strawberry Banana’s flowers are sweet smelling and, do indeed, smell like bananas. A strawberries taste is present when the strain is inhaled. Strawberry Banana produces a typically indica-like slow-onset high. The user may well experience an intensifying of sounds and colors. The psychedelic sensations give way to a strong body-relaxation which calms the user and may lock them into the couch. The effects of Strawberry Banana have been used by many to combat conditions such as anxiety and depression. This strain is often used by the manufacturers of vape oil due to its potency and pleasant flavors.
Fruit Loops
Four popular cannabis strains - Blue Dream, White Widow, Grapefruit and Blueberry - are the lineage for Fruit Loops, an indica-dominant hybrid that has a distinctive fruity terpene profile and potent levels of THC. Fruit Loops is one of the strains that today’s cannabis stores and online dispensaries consider to be a ‘must-have’. Fruit Loops can be identified by a tangy, tropical scent that combines both sweet and spice elements. It is not just the aroma and flavor that makes Fruit Loops such a popular strain. The high concentration of THC makes for powerful effects that begin to act soon after consumption. Initially, users experience a gentle mental buzz, followed by uplifting waves of happiness. Fruit Loops is known to effectively dispel tiredness and can invigorate social situations. The increase in positivity makes Fruit Loops a common choice for using in social situations and it is often characterised as a fun, enjoyable experience. Users find conversations are enhanced, communication with friends and acquaintances become meaningful, while fits of giggles are also common.
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner was developed by breeding OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. The result is a sativa-dominant (60/40) strain with THC levels of between 16% and 24% while CBD is only 1%. Bruce Banner’s buds are, as you might expect, bright green like the Hulk and coated with resinous trichomes and orange-coloured pistils. The influence of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel come to the fore in a fragrance that mixes sour diesel scents with sweet, fruity tones. But it is when Bruce Banner is consumed that the Hulk’s strength is unleashed. A potent head-high rapidly engulfs the user, energizing and sparking creative thoughts. The many fans of Bruce Banner describe the experience has being energized and uplifted, while, simultaneously, enjoying a calming sensation that relaxes the body. The quality of the high mark Bruce Banner out as a special strain and one that is often used to dissipate feelings of stress and anxiety and to manage conditions, such as fatigue, chronic pain and migraines. Unsurprisingly, Bruce Banner is much in demand with budtenders proclaiming it one of the best sativas available. It can be found at many cannabis stores and online dispensaries.
Godzilla Glue
The award-winning Godzilla Glue was bred in Hawaii using Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb and Chem’s Sister. They produced a perfectly balanced indica-sativa hybrid (50/50) that is rated by budtenders and popular with consumers. Is has a unique tropical island feel making it an in-demand strain from cannabis stores and online dispensaries. The name Godzilla derives from the strains huge green stalks, while Glue refers to the sticky trichomes that cover the buds. An aroma of earthy pine is overlaid by the characteristics tropical scents and when smoked the strain has the same combination of pungency and sweetness. There is also Godzilla-like strength in the strain’s pungency. A THC content of around 18%produces a powerful hit that is composed of both a mental-buzz and a relaxing body-high. The strong sedative effects of Godzilla Glue mean that many budtenders recommend it only for more experienced cannabis users, These effects may also be used to help control stress as well as chronic pain.
Green Crack Goddess
You may find that in cannabis stores and online dispensaries that Green Crack Goddess may be named Green Cush or Cush. Green Goddess is a sativa-dominant strain and is a favorite strain for daytime and using recreationally. Green Goddess is named after its brightly-colored buds which vary from light green to dark. Dark-brown pistils are covered by gray, resinous trichomes. It also has a characteristic floral fragrance combined with a skunk-like odor that suggests the influence of Kush in its lineage. Green Goddess contains THC concentrations of between 12% and 20%, making it a potent strain. The high quickly takes hold of the user and is felt, initially, as a cerebral-buzz that focuses the mind, and then feelings of positivity sweep over the user. Green Goddess can be taken to help engagement with metal tasks, socializing and to encourage creativity. Relaxing sensations
King Glue
King Glue is an indica-dominant (75/25) hybrid that includes Gorilla Glue, White Widow and BB Cheese Reversed among its lineage. King Glue has been described as ‘no ordinary indica’, incorporating, as it does, significant elements of sativa. It is often recommended by budtenders to those who enjoy the best of both worlds and is available from cannabis stores and online dispensaries. King Glue is named after the dense blanket of sticky, gray trichomes that cover its light green buds. With the many patches of purple and its covering of amber hairs, King Glue is visually striking. The trichomes are responsible for King Glue containing an impressive THC content of 20%. It is also blessed with a terpene profile that includes caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. This produces a characteristic sour scent, undercut by citrus notes. King Glue combines a calming, full body-high with a mental-buzz that helps users engage in social situations, encourages creativity and can cause bouts of giggles. One important characteristic of King Glue is that the high is long-lasting, something that should be considered if using early in the day.
Live Resin
Live Resin is a form of cannabis extract that attempts to preserve the complex terpene profiles of cannabis plants by using flash-freezing as part of the extraction process. The problem facing the makers of cannabis extract products is that traditional forms of extraction often substantially degrade the terpene content. Of course, a complex terpene profile of a cannabis plant is crucial to the degree to which the user is likely to consider it an effective and enjoyable product. Not only do traditional methods of extraction effectively reduce the plant’s original aroma and flavors, but they also reduce the product’s potency. The usual method of extraction involves curing - cut cannabis plants are hung to dry until all moisture is removed. However, it is at this stage of the process that many of the important terpenes are lost before they can be extracted. Some cannabis producers have sought to address the problem of how to ensure the full flavors and aromas can be transferred from a cannabis plant directly to the consumer. To ensure loss of as little as possible of the original characteristics of each cannabis plant are lost, producers have sought to develop more refined methods of extraction. To this end, Live Resin concentrates are produced through the flash-freezing of cannabis plants immediately after they are harvested. The plants are then kept at very low temperatures while the extraction occurs. The results are overwhelmingly positive. Not only does scientific testing demonstrate that a greater range of terpenes are transferred into the Live Resin extract, but Live Resin also pasts the taste test, with cannabis consumers noticing a clear difference. In short, Live Resin is noticeable more potent with lighter, fresher flavors. You can find more Live Resin products at, Dispensary
Pink Kush
Over the last few years there has been increasing interest surrounding a strain of cannabis known as Pink Kush. Pink Kush has become well-known, not only for its distinctive colour, but for its remarkable potency and remarkable effects. Pink Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that has been gaining in popularity over recent years. Pink Kush stands out in any cannabis outlet or online dispensary due to its striking color (pink, naturally). But it is also worth considering for it formidable potency and powerful effects. One of the many strains of Kush, Pink Kush is one of the most powerful. It is composed of only 10% sativa and 90% indica and this ratio is responsible for Pink Kush’s overwhelming physical highs. This often manifests itself, not as sofa-lock, but as weightlessness. Pink Kush users report feelings of happiness and even floating on waves of euphoria. Mental stimulation is also common leading to a heightened sense of clarity and creativity. Highs may last up to 3 hours and often lead to strong cravings for snacks.
Tuna Kush
Tuna Kush originated in British Columbia, Canada. It is likely a phenotype of the famous Kush variety and rapidly gained a reputation in cannabis stores and online dispensaries as one of the most potent strains around. 25% THC is usually considered to be the threshold between potent and very potent and Tuna Kush weighs in at a whopping 27%. Tuna Kush is a hybrid strain, weighted 70/30 to indica dominance. As expected, this results in a strongly sedative body-high, but this is combined with pleasing cerebral effects, adding a focus to the high. Tuna Kush’s heritage comes through with its classic skunk odour, though, as you might guess from the name, there are also hints of a more unusual smell. Overall, users report the effects of Tuna Kush being pleasantly sedative and it could be ideal for a range of conditions which require a soothing treatment.
Blue Dream
Blue Dream is a Californian classic, a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing two legendary West Coast strains - Blueberry and Haze. Blue Dream quickly became popular and is now a firm dispensary favourite in California and beyond. Pleasingly, Blue Dream has inherited sweet, fruity scent of its parent strain. But it is Ble Dream’s incredibly well-balanced effects that have made it such a popular strain and ideal for a wide-range of different users. Blue Dream users report full-body relaxation and cerebral stimulation as the high eases them into a soothing, euphoric state. Blue Dream is a fast-acting strain without the heavy sedative effects typical of other strains. Users tend to feel relaxed and motivated This lends it to use by both inexperienced and more hardened users. It also means Blue Dream is a great choice for a daytime toke. Blue Dream is used by many to treat a number of ailments, particularly depression and nausea and pain.
Purple Space Cookies
The strain Purple Space Cookies originates from the west coast of Canada. There is some dispute other its exact lineage, but most claim the strain is a cross between Purple Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. This would certainly explain the rash of purple buds (often with an impressively thick coat of white trichomes) set against a deep sage-green coloration, that make it a striking visual in any cannabis store or online dispensary. It would also align with the sedative effects users report. But although this is certainly an indica-dominant hybrid, users also report that it is mentally stimulating, producing clarity of thought and activating their creative impulses. Purple Space Cookies scores high on potency with an impressive 20% THC content. But the overall vibe users report is calming laidback. Medical users favor Purple Space Cookies to help relief from chronic pain and stress. Others may simply enjoy its propensity to relax after the rigours of the day.
Lindsay OG
Named after the town of Lindsay in Ontario, Canada, Lindsay OG is an OG Kush which has won awards from the Cannabis in Canada Society. Not only popular in Canada, you can find this indica-dominant hybrid in cannabis stores and online dispensaries throughout North America. Lindsay OG nugs are usually small to medium sized, sticky and resinous. The scent is often described as being typically Kush with hints of vanilla. Lindsay OG is noted for a characteristic taste that is deep and earthy while betraying notes of diesel and pine. Lindsay OG has gained a growing reputation as one of the most well-balanced hybrids around. Primarily the effects are powerfully sedative with many users experiencing couch lock as well as waves of euphoria. It is perhaps best recommended for experienced users and is definitely a night time strain. Lindsay OG is used to help overcome a lack of appetite, nausea and chronic pain and is recommended for medical use by many dispensaries.
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake, an indica-dominant hybrid with an odd name, is looking to be one of the star strains for 2020. It is likely to be flying off the shelves at cannabis stores and online dispensaries over the next twelve months. The origins of Wedding Cake seem to be lost in a haze of smoke. Most indications point to Los Angeles around 2005, but lineage is far from precise, some say it is related to Girl Scout Cookies, some spot a line from Triangle Kush, while others point to Animal Mints.. Whatever the genetics, what we can say for sure is that Wedding Cake has bright green buds covered with crystal white trichomes. Wedding Cake does have a distinctive minty scent and then, once lit, gives off more earthy aromas. THC levels are high, from 20 to 25%. From an indica strain this is enough to sink you into your couch. For experienced users it is certainly a strain worth investigating.
Jack Herer
Created in the Netherlands over twenty years ago, Jack Herer is a medical-grade hybrid strain. Jack Herer has built a band of loyal users on its solid reputation for producing happy, soothing highs. It is a sativa/indica hybrid that is often referred to as “the perfect blend” and is likely to be a staple of any good online dispensary or cannabis store. Jack Herer has a fragrance that is frequently compared to pine, spices and fruity notes, such as lemon and orange. Flavors include pine, pepper, lemon and spice and many users insist it reminds them of fruit salad. The considerable sativa influence is felt in the vivid, uplifting nature of the high. Users report feeling centered and relaxed. Mental stimulation is common, with many using Jack Herer to socialize or to be creative. Jack Herer was created to help ease a range of ailments. Its propensity to energize means it is a great choice for anyone seeking to eliminate pain or fatigue.
White Widow
For a strain that’s been around for three decades, White Widow continues to create a buzz in cannabis circles to this very day and is an essential product for all cannabis stores and online dispensaries. This strain is said to have originated in Amsterdam when a Brazillian sativa was bred with a South Indian hybrid. The result is a very well-balanced 60/40 hybrid. White Widow takes its name from the appearance of the heavy resin content. It is often said that there are few strains more visually appealing than White Widow. The aroma is redolent of lemons, but also can be also musky and putrid. Generally, White Widow does not have a strong flavor, but users may identify a flowery citrus finish. Although technically indica-dominant strain, the effects are little like the lethargic couch-lock sometimes associated with indica. Instead, White Widow leaves users feeling upbeat and energized and able to function while experiencing euphoria. White Widow was bred to be the stereotypical happy-medium and certainly hits the target.
Pineapple Experss
Few cannabis strains are likely to have movies named after them but Pineapple Express has. For the record, the effects of Pineapple Express are nowhere near as insane as the movie made them out to be. Instead, this 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid is one of the most accessible and popular strains available today. It is sure to be stocked in your local cannabis store and prominent in all online dispensaries. Pineapple Express is shaped like a classic sativa with light green buds and trichomes that can often be caramel-colored. The aroma is fruity and, as you might expect, the taste should be just like pineapple. This strain is well-known for being redolent of carefree, tropical vacations. Users report that the high is energizing and uplifting, a happy bubbling feeling that is conducive to being active and open-minded. However, some users caution that the high may be too ‘spacey’ for a productive day at work. Pineapple Express is perfect for a happy vacation days.
Northern Lights
Northern Lights is a classic indica strain that was winning High Times awards way back in 1989. Over the last thirty years its reputation has only grown and is one strain that every cannabis connoisseur should try. Luckily, it is still very popular and easily available from cannabis stores and online dispensaries. Northern Lights is a 90/10 indica-dominant hybrid and displays the typical wide-fingered leaves and resin rich flowers of an indica. It has a pungent but sweet aroma and, while at first Northern Lights tastes earthy, this breaks into a pleasingly sweet citrus flavor. Northern Lights (NL) is famously potent with a THC content that can range from 15 to 22%. The high can take effect after just a few hits and typically sends users into a sedated, blissful state which is sometimes described as reality altering. It is certainly not a strain to start the morning with, but is a comforting experience ohce sun has gone down on a winter’s day. . Northern Lights is ideal for those hoping to experience a relaxing evening and a good night’s sleep.
Cannatonic is an unconventional, perhaps even revolutionary new strain. A 50/50 hybrid, Cannatonic was developed by Resin Seeds by crossing MK Ultra and G13 Haze. The aim was to create a strain with equal THC and CBD levels. The outcome is a strain that is rapidly becoming a great favorite of the medical cannabis community and is an increasingly popular product at online dispensaries. As a unique type of marijuana plant, it is perhaps unfair to judge the appearance of Cannatonic against the standards of other strains. It doesn’t possess the huge buds cannabis connoisseurs typically look for, nor are they covered in sparkly white trichomes. Rather it looks a little drab and dry. Cannatonic’s aroma is more appealing, an earthy indica with pine and citrus tones. The flavor is similarly earthy with zesty flavors also present. But the reason many users choose Cannatonic is for its specific effects. The comparatively high levels of CBD diminish the sensations usually associated with THC. With Cannatonic what you get is laid back, relaxed high, characterised by mental clarity. A flexible mood improver without the heavy psychoactive effects of other strains. Understandably, this has made Cannatonic a firm favorite for medical cannabis users, helping to relieve pain and mental negativity. Browse your favorite online dispensary today to sample it.
Super Lemon Haze
Super Lemon Haze is an award winning, 80/20 sativa-dominant strain that is a hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super SIlver Haze. Super Lemon Haze is very potent, best enjoyed by experienced cannabis users and particularly well-suited to daytime use. The buds on on Super Lemon Haze are green, the characteristic amber hairs growing from the trichomes give the buds a yellow hint. Unsurprisingly, the scent is recognisable due to its similarity to freshly grated lemon peel, while the taste is sweet and zesty. The THC content is between 15 and 20%, while CBD is only around 0.1%. As a sativa-dominant strain, the effects of Super Lemon Haze are cerebral - a strong head high that starts out giggly and can energize both mind and body, resulting in improved motivation, creativity and euphoria. It is typically used to relieve stress and can control muscle spasms. Super Lemon Haze is an incredibly well-reviewed strain with many enthusiastic devotees. If this sounds like the strain for you, then Super Lemon Haze can be found at all good cannabis stores and online dispensaries.
Super Silver Haze
During the 1990s, Super Silver Haze, often described as a ‘Super Sativa’, won first prize at the High Time Cannabis Cup three years in a row. Super Silver Haze is truly an iconic strain and more than twenty years later there are still few sativas that come close to surpassing it. Super Silver Haze was bred by the experts at Green House Seeds using three famous strains - (Northern Lights (indica), Haze (sativa) and Skunk No.1 (hybrid). The result is a 70/30 sativa-dominant strain that contains 18-20% THC and is regularly available in dispensaries across North America. Super Silver Haze is noted for its long-lasting high that begins by increasing motivation and focus and which may energize many users and cause them to experience more vivid colors and sharper sounds. This then settles down into feelings of pleasant euphoria which soothe the body. Super Silver Haze is not recommended for those hoping to wind down for the evening. Its propensity to initiate motivation and increase happiness means Super Silver Haze is often used to counteract depression. When using strains such as Super Silver dHaze for medical purposes, precise dosage is important. Edibles made from Super Silver Haze are available from many online dispensaries.
Super Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese is 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross between parent plants UK Cheese and Blueberry. This resulted in a strain that preserved the famous cheesy aroma and developed a potent punch with levels of THC over 19%. Blue Cheese has developed a reputation for developing users’ spiritual side. Making connections on a metaphysical plane may only be a visit to your local cannabis store or online dispensary away. Blueberry and cheese make for an intriguing but not unpleasant combination of aromas. Pungent skunk notes are present. Highs tend to creep up slowly on the user. Feelings of relaxation slowly spread over the body and euphoria and bliss take hold. This sedative experience makes Blue Cheese an ideal strain to enjoy late in the evening and will likely set users up for a tranquil night’s rest. It is little surprise that Blue Cheese is regularly recommended for combating insomnia. Sufferers of PTSD and anxiety have also found Blue Cheese to be helpful.
Ghost Train Haze
Ghost Train Haze is a serious strain of marijuana and not one to be taken lightly. This notoriety was cemented by the 2012 High Times award of Most Potent Strain on Earth. While not a good choice for beginners, it is a strain many cannabis connoisseurs will be interested to sample. Many online dispensaries stock Ghost Train Haze. Ghost Train Haze is an 80/20 sativa-dominant hybrid, the result of the crossing of a Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck. But what marks Ghost Train Haze out is the incredibly high THC content of 28%. Ghost Train Haze has bright green leaves and dense, heavy buds covered with crystal-white trichomes. However, before you see Ghost Train Haze you will likely smell it. The aroma is dark and dank, pungent and powerful. Floral notes to the scent come through in a citrus flavor. The high from Ghost Train Haze is often described as psychedelic, many users experience a heightened sense of creativity and self-awareness. The body can be consumed by a tranquil, lazy high and fits of giggles may ensue. Ghost Train Haze is particularly loved by users who find that, in low doses, it can help with a variety of conditions, including depression, chronic pain and fatigue and ADHD.
Trainwreck emerged out of California and is believed to be a cross of Lowland Tha and a Mexican Sativa. The result is a highly potent sativa-dominant strain that is often referred to as a “cusher sativa” due to its powerful effects. Clearly, this is not a strain that should be dabbled with by those who are new to cannabis. However, for experienced users Trainwreck is stocked by many online dispensaries. Trainwreck has classic sativa looks and is often covered by so many heavy trichomes it can appear gray. Trainwreck’s scent and flavor is legendary, combining lemon and lime notes with menthol, undercut by a powerful acrid odour. But it is the sativa high that makes Trainwreck notable. A THC content of 18-26% regularly puts Trainwreck on the list of strongest strains. It also means an extreme high for the user that usually develops over two separate tracks. Intense cerebral effects are guaranteed, focussing the mind and lifting the spirit. Meanwhile, the body undergoes heavy sedative effects, ‘melting’ into a blissful euphoria. Trainwreck has been reported to have numerous medical benefits when treating migraines and serious, chronic pain.
Master Kush
Master Kush was developed by the well-regarded Dutch White Label Seed Company and is generally believed to be a cross of Hindu Kush and Skunk#1. Dutch White Label have created a expertly-crafted stain, finely balanced with unique effects. Master Kush consistently gets great reviews from cannabis connoisseurs and it is well worth checking out in your local cannabis store or online dispensary. Mast Kush is visually impressive. Orange pistils and densely frosted white trichomes contrast attractively with its deep green leaves. As you might expect from a Kush, the scent is earthy and pungent, but there are also strong floral notes. Although Master Kush may technically be an indica-dominant hybrid it is capable of much more than the effects associated with indica. It is a potent strain with THC levels of between 20 and 24%. The initial high is characterised by a body-relaxation and feelings of euphoria. Although laziness can take hold, many users report that their senses become sharper, the feel energized and experience increased creativity. Master Kush is ideal for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It is also used to manage chronic pain.
Candyland was bred by Ken Estes in San Francisco by cross-breeding Granddaddy Purps and Platinum Cookies to create a 75/25 sativa-dominant strain. Candyland is marked by its high THC levels and is, therefore, not recommended for novice users. It is, however, a very popular strain and can be found at many cannabis stores and online dispensaries. Candyland has a very striking appearance. This strain possess tight, dense buds that are covered in white trichomes and distinctive red hairs. Users report a range of different aromas, from sweet and fruity to gassy. The flavor is described as earthy with spicy notes. Candyland’s THC levels can exceed 19% and users report increased mental focus and the strain is recommended for daytime use. Despite the sativa dominance, highs are usually similar to a more balanced hybrid. Body relaxation is usual and Candyland is often used to relieve muscle tension and pain relief. It is also used to treat conditions such as anxiety, ADD and depression.
Gelato has become a popular cannabis strain, known for being well-balanced and ideal for users looking for a good ‘all-rounder’. Originating in California, Gelato is a 55/45 indica-sativa hybrid and many believe it displays the best qualities of both. Gelato’s most outstanding quality is perhaps its aroma, universally acclaimed as one of the most attractive around. A sweet, citrus fragrance is produced by the flowers and, when ground, Gelato gives off an earthy, pungent scent. The flavor is argued by many to be as enjoyable as ice cream. Densely structured buds are typical of indica varieties and Gelato is identified by bright amber pistils that stand out against dark green and purple leaves. Trichomes on Gelatos are less prominent than many strains but that does not indicate a lack of THC - levels of up to 26% mean Gelato is one of the most potent available. A well-balanced high is produced by the even mixture of sativa and indica. Gelato is perfect for those who wish to experience elements of both stimulation and sedation as it combines a relaxing body-high with a cerebral-buzz.
Durban Poison
With most commercially available strains developed carefully in almost laboratory-like conditions, it is increasingly difficult to find anything resembling a ‘pure’ sativa or indica. To varying degrees, it is hybrids that stock the shelves of cannabis stores and online dispensaries. Durban Poison is a welcome change to the homogeneity. It is not a strain that is the result of complex crossbreeding, rather it is closely related to the sativas that grew naturally in South Africa. Durban Poison, however, is not simply interesting genetically, many experts argue that it is one of the best medical strains available and produces a clean, pure and pleasant high. The high is very typical of sativas. Users find Durban Poison is ideal for encouraging creativity, sociability and a positive outlook. It can be used to energize users who are feeling lethargic, migraine sufferers and anyone who has nausea. Durban Poison is a classic marijuana strain and should be on the wishlist of any cannabis connoisseur. Moreover, it's incredibly high-quality is evident to those who use it and Durban Poison is regularly at the top of cannabis outlets’ bestseller lists.
King Tut
King Tut is a rarely seen strain that you may not always be able to find easily in cannabis stores or online dispensaries. It is a sativa-dominant strain that includes AK-47 in its lineage and is most well-known for the fact that THC levels can reach an astounding 27%, making it perhaps the most potent sativa in the world. Needless to say, this is not a strain of cannabis that is recommended for novice users. It does, however, have many admirers who are big fans of its effects. As you might expect, the effects of this sour and fruiting smelling strain are the energizing and invigorating sensations to be expected from a sativa. King Tut is a good choice for those looking for a burst of creativity and especially for sparking social situations into life - King Tut serves as a great party guest! It is also taken by users in order to control inflammation, painful conditions and depression. However, all users should take into account its high potency which can produce racy rather than relaxing results.
Maui Wowie
The name Maui Wowie goes right back to the 1960s and the Hawaiian cannabis industry. For much of the last fifty years demand has outsrtipped supply and this strain has been difficult to track down. Now, however, Mau Wowie (often referred to by budtenders as just Maui or Waui) is stocked in cannabis outlets and across the online dispensary scene. Maui Wowie is well-regarded for its tropical vibes - a smooth, sweet, citrusy scent that have hints of pine. The flavor is similarly pleasing with clear notes of lemon. Maui Wowie has built its excellent reputation on what can be described as a ‘controlled sativa high’. The high is fast-acting but dissipates fairly quickly. While it lasts, users are uplifted and energised and many report feeling more creative. Maui Wowie does not give any of the heavy or fuzzy feelings of other strains. Instead, users are able to focus on tasks. Although Maui Wowie is not the most appropriate strain for combatting pain or inflammation, it does appear to be well-suited to relieving conditions such as anxiety and depression.
Amnesia Haze
Amnesia Haze was developed by Soma Seeds in Amsterdam and is a sativa-dominant (70/30) hybrid. In 2004 it was awarded first prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup and then in 2012 it won first place in the sativa category. Amnesia Haze is an expertly-crafted hybrid that is regularly among budtenders most recommended strains. It is available from cannabis outlets and online dispensaries. Amnesia Haze is famous for tightly curled buds that are covered in thickly resinous, honey-colored trichomes. As a plentiful source of resin, Amnesia Haze is often used for producing hashes, oils and other extractions. User describe the exotic fragrance as containing elements of lime and toffee. THC content is up to 22% and most users report that Amnesia Haze has powerful effects and novice users are warned not to over-indulge. The potency of the sativa inspires many creative impulses and greater focus and mental clarity. Amnesia Haze is often used in an outdoor setting and intensifies the colors and sounds of nature. The positive outlook Amnesia Haze inspires means it is often used to combat stress and anxiety.
Chernobyl was developed by crossbreeding Jack the Ripper, Trinity and Trainwreck. The result is a sativa-dominant (80/20) hybrid that has become well-known for its potent and positive effects. Chernobyl is often recommended by budtenders as the go-to strain for anyone looking for an uplifting high. It is also one of the best-tasting cannabis strains around and is available from cannabis outlets and online dispensaries. Once experienced, the distinctive mixture of earthy and lime aromas that Chernobyl produces is difficult to forget. This is only reinforced by the extremely strong fruity flavors the strain releases when smoked. Many users claim they taste sour lemons, while others describe a cherry tang hitting the roof of their mouth. Chernobyl is a potent sativa with THC levels of between 16% and 20%. The wide-ranging high lingers, lasting up to three hours. Users universally agree that the main sensation is one of happiness. Chernobyl has the wonderful quality of effectively releasing the user from anything that might be weighing them down. The uplifting effects are also motivational allowing users to complete tasks and be generally more productive. Chernobyl is often compared to drinking several cups of strong coffee. The impulse of physical energy Chernobyl inspires is accompanied by calm thoughts and clear ideas.
Agent Orange
Agent Orange was bred by TGA Subcool Seeds using three well-known strains - Jack's Cleaner, Space Queen, and Orange Skunk. This created a sativa-dominant (75/25) hybrid which has a signature aroma and is known for its cerebral effects. Agent Orange is one of the most reliable and well-liked sativas around. Due to its potency (Agent Orange can contain 25% THC) budtenders usually recommend it to more experienced marjiuana users. Agent Orange is easily recognisable due to a sweet aroma that is reminiscent of citrus fruit and undercut by dark, spicy tones. On combustion, Agent Orange displays more earthy odors mixed with pine. The high THC content of Agent Orange is evidenced by the covering of gray-white, crystalline trichomes. Amber hairs also cover the buds which are predominantly pale green but can also become purple or maroon. As a mixture of sativa and indica influences, Agent Orange can produce a dual body and cerebral high. However, most of the time the sativa is certainly dominant and the mental-buzz that affects the user can be psycho-active. The euphoric sensations are not long-lasting but they are often intense. Experienced users are able to manage the effects of Agent Orange to be more productive, but they can be disorientating. An Agent Orange high will quickly slide into a period of relaxation, calming the body. For experienced users, this is certainly a strain that should be investigated at cannabis stores and online dispensaries.
Black Diamond
Black Diamond was developed by crossbreeding two famous marijuana strains - Blackberry and Diamond OG. The result is a very potent, indica-dominant hybrid. As well as possessing a high THC content, Black Diamond is also well-known for being extremely effective. For this reason, budtenders are likely to advise caution, especially for novice cannabis users. For those who are more experienced, however, Black Diamond offers the chance to sample a serious indica strain. Black Diamond is available from both online dispensaries and cannabis stores. Black Diamond has a slightly unusual appearance with long curling flowers and leaves that exhibit sharp contrasts of green and purple. The dense buds are covered in a thick blanket of resinous trichomes, so thick that they can be difficult to break up. A grinder is essential. Black Diamond maintains the strong blackberry aroma of its lineage, although more tart and acidic than the scent associated with Blackberry. Black Diamond also gives off an unmistakable and strong earthy aroma. When ground the buds can produce a rich, nutty scent. Some have even compared the scent of Black Diamond to Cuban cigars. The smoke is pleasantly smooth. The high from Black Diamond can be intense, with colors and sounds altered and amplified. Euphoria can melt into giddiness and laughter is not uncommon. This cerebral-buzz is invigorating and energizing. However, the sensation soon mellows and the body relaxes and feels calm. The sedative nature of the latter part of the high means Black Diamond is sometimes used to combat insomnia and anxiety.
UK Cheese
During the 90s in Britain UK Cheese was bred from a particularly smelly phenotype of Skunk #1. The name is self-explanatory with the strain easily identified by a characteristic musty-cheese pong. Although not everyone is likely to find this scent appealing, UK Cheese has garnered a solid reputation as a fantastically well-balanced strain. UK Cheese is a sativa-dominant hybrid with very high THC levels that can reach as much as 23%. The buds on UK Cheese are usually cone-shaped and covered with resin-rich trichomes. It also sports an attractive contrast between light-green leaves and bright orange pistils. But, of course, it is the smell, or perhaps stench, of the plants that UK Cheese is best known for. The highly pungent odor of blue cheese is undercut by dank, earthy tones. While users may enjoy the scent of UK Cheese, many are less enamoured by the flavor. The taste is very sour and for some can stick in the throat. Marijuana connoisseurs, however, are wise enough not to be put off by the flavor as the high from UK Cheese quickly makes users quickly forget about the taste. As a balanced hybrid, UK Cheese produces a delightfully even combination of mind and body relaxation. As well as sensations of deep calm, UK Cheese also produces clear-headed thoughts and the energy and creativity to take on a range of tasks. UK Cheese also has a number of medical benefits with users claiming the strain can calm muscles spasms, soothe headaches and migraines and reduce stress.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost was created by crossing three famous strains - Jack Herer, White Widow and Northern Lights. The result is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is predominantly known for its invigorating effects. Jack Frost’s reputation for helping users feel upbeat has meant it is frequently associated with fun and has seen it become part of the marijuana mainstream and one of the most popular strains around. It is likely to be easily available in both cannabis outlets and online dispensaries. The energetic effects of Jack Frost partly derives from its high THC content of up to 23%. The high is characterized by feelings of tranquility, but in particular, waves of happiness. Users almost universally agree that Jack Frost is a social strain, ideal for engaging in conversations, whether they be philosophical or lighthearted. Jack Frost is also often used for activities, such as being out in nature, a meal and a movie, or simply partying. The high tends to last about three hours. Jack Frost is recommended for anyone suffering from social anxiety. Its sativa-like, positive, uplifting effects also make it ideal for those dealing with depression or stress. Jack Frost is also used to help ease gastrointestinal concerns, such as nausea or lack of appetite.
Lemon Kush
Master Kush is one of the most well-known and respected cannabis strains, appreciated, not only for its outstanding quality, but also its vigorous potency. It was, therefore, an obvious choice when growers were looking to cross Lemon Joy, a strain marked by its pleasant taste and aroma. Lemon Kush was the result and it has to be assumed the growers got exactly what they wanted - a high-strength, high-quality strain with a taste and fragrance to entice marijuana lovers everywhere. Lemon Kush sets out to satisfy the mind, the body and the senses. To experience how well it does this, check out your local cannabis outlet or online dispensary. The aroma of Lemon Kush is no let-down. The scent is of the fresh smell of lemons. It is also sweet but with a definite element of earthiness that nods to the Kush lineage. The potency of Lemon Kush is also apparent in the thick, resinous buds that are covered by crystals. Lemon Kush produces a strong body-high, resulting in feelings of physical relaxation. However, there are definite sativa influences in this strain and any danger of couchlock is prevented by a clear dose of mental stimulation. The overall result is a well-rounded high that encourages users to be sociable, communicative and often very giggly. Users often report feeling energized by Lemon Kush and it is a good strain for completing tasks. Despite its potency, Lemon Kush is sometimes said to be a good choice for less experienced users as the high tends to be manageable. It is also frequently used by those wishing relief from chronic pain and to help anyone suffering from stress to relax. All in all, Lemon Kush is an excellent all round strain which manages to combine both a great flavor and an enticing potency.
Violator Kush
Violator Kush is an indica-dominant (80/20) hybrid that has developed a reputation as the perfect strain for simply chilling out. This soothing marijuana strain is becoming increasingly well-known for producing enjoyable effects and this popularity ensures it can easily be found in cannabis stores and online dispensaries. As well as having high levels of THC, Violator Kush also contains a significant quantity of CBD. Violator Kush is not one of the strains with a sweet taste. However, for those users who prefer something a little more spicy, Violator Kush could be perfect. An intense aroma with tones of Kush-like earth and pine, Violator Kush is easily recognisable for a pungent spicy pepper that may even cause you to catch your breath. Users often find that vaping Violator Kush helps bring out the pine and pepper notes and enhances the flavor when inhaling. The high Violator Kush creates is recognisably indica-like. The body is quickly relaxed and stress and tension is relieved by soothing waves of euphoria. Tranquility is the word users most often associate with Violator Kush and it is an ideal strain for kicking back at home. The sativa influences, however, are present and this mental stimulation works to keep the user alert and focussed. One often mentioned advantage of Violator Kush is that, when used in moderation, the effects do not feel uncontrollable. Violator Kush is a part of the Budget Buds lineup, therefore, great for casual use, enabling the user to relax. The high levels of CBD also mean that Violator Kush has several medical applications. Users take Violator Kush to provide relief for a wide-range of painful symptoms. Its use can also work to help manage the symptoms of stress and depression. Insomnia can also be treated with Violator Kush.
Sensi Star
Of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of strains available in cannabis outlets and online dispensaries, there are a few that have slowly garnered a reputation as ‘premium strains’, Sensi Star is one of these. This reputation has been won over a quarter of a century, during which the strain has been improved, won awards and won over fans. It helps that Sensi Star is expertly bred and possesses extremely potent levels of THC that can reach an astounding 26%. Not only is Sensi Star one of the most powerful strains you will ever get your hands on, it also boasts an impressive terpene profile that lends itself to an exciting aroma and taste. Fresh pine is combined with stimulating spices to create one of the most recognisable marijuana scents out there. The appearance of Sensi Star is also impressive, dark green and purple plants with buds that are thickly covered in crystals. With very high THC levels, it is no surprise that the body-relaxation caused by Sensi Star is pretty powerful. Users will feel an immediate wave of relaxation travel throughout their body. This is coupled with a mental stimulus that may be a little overwhelming for very inexperienced users. This strong cerebral high will give way to more soothing sensations that happily sedate the user. Sensi Star is known to be a popular choice for countering the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It can also be used to fight chronic pain.
Master Kush
Master Kush is straight from the canon of classic marijuana strains and one of the most famous cannabis names of all time. It can trace its lineage all the way back to the Hindu Kush mountains and maintains that wild Kush potency. However, Master Kush is not some basic, unrefined strain, over many years successive growers have perfected its genetics to produce a strain that is ideal for the modern cannabis enthusiast. For the last quarter of a century Master Kush has been incredibly popular and it is sure to be stocked by cannabis stores and online dispensaries. Although clearly a descendent of the indica Hindu Kush, the refining process has involved the introduction of some sativa elements. This is important to note as it means Master Kush provokes an alert focus that is not normally associated with pure indicas. Master Kush does possess the earthy, pungent aromas of the Kush varieties. Be warned: the Kush scent will quickly fill any confined space, it is not a discrete strain! But Master Kush is not simply earthy, there is also a sweet flavor detectable when smoked. Users report feeling a strong body-high with relaxation spreading throughout the limbs. Happiness comes over the user in waves and, as with many indicas, there may be feelings of lethargy and sleepiness. As previously noted, however, Master Kush does inspire attention and focus and may have energizing effects. Master Kush is used to relieve the symptoms of stress, insomnia and depression, as well as managing chronic pain.
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington is the pride and joy of the breeder TGA and was created by cross-breeding two well-known strains - Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper. Killer Queen has a reputation for producing an energizing high with a cerebral-buzz, that can lead to increased mental clarity or, in some instances, a serious bout of introspection. Jack the Ripper, meanwhile, is named after its infamous potency. Despite this rather ominous lineage, Jack Skellington is a favorite amongst those cannabis connoisseurs who like their weed to be strong and pungent. It is available from many cannabis outlets and online dispensaries. Jack Skellington produces attractive buds that are usually heavy with resinous trichomes. This strain is well-known for its pungent odor which can fill a large room with its powerful diesel and citrus fragrance. On grinding the nugs, users will breath in a lighter, sweeter and more fruity aroma. The taste is similarly sweet with tangs of citrus. Jack Skellington does not have the very high THC levels of other popular strains. However, the fact that it is a sativa-dominant strain means that its psychoactive properties can seem just as, and perhaps more intense than many other strains. Users are likely to experience a strong cerebral-buzz, during which colors and sounds distort. Jack Skellington typically invigorates and energizes, uplifting and boosting the user. Euphoric experiences are common whilst maintaining mental clarity and focussed thoughts. For the recreational user it is clear that Jack Skellington can have many benefits, although it is worth noting that this is not a marijuana strain that will aid sleep. However, it has been reported that Jack Skellington can be used to control seizures.
Gorilla Glue
You may find cannabis outlets and online dispensaries refer to Gorilla Glue as Gorilla Glue #4, or simply GG4, as the growers were sued by a glue company not appreciating the link with marijuana. Whatever it is called, Gorilla Glue is a serious cannabis strain with high THC levels, distinctive flavors and an even profile. In fact, Gorilla Glue could be described as a perfectly balanced strain, and is classified as a 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid. Gorilla Glue has a notably pleasant fragrance which combines pine and lemon notes with a unique chocolate aroma. The potency of Gorilla Glue is indicated by a skunky undercurrent. The buds of Gorilla Glue are various shades of green and are thickly covered with orange hairs and sticky, resinous trichomes. It is these trichomes that put the glue in Gorilla Glue and will likely clog up your scissors. The trichome are also responsible for Gorilla Glue having an astounding 30% THC content. This is the strength that puts the Gorilla into Gorilla Glue and it is not a beast that should be messed with by novice cannabis users. The high from Gorilla Glue combines elements characteristic of sativa and indica. A cerebral-buzz produces mental stimulation and feelings of positivity. Meanwhile, a soothing body-high washes away stress and brings tranquility. The relaxation can leave users locked to the couch, although for some users the sativa effects may be more pronounced. It is important to gauge how Gorilla Glue effects each user. For some, it may be a strain for daytime use, for others it might be best in preparation for a good night’s sleep.
Grease Monkey
For those cannabis connoisseurs who would like to try something new, Grease Monkey could be the perfect choice for something a little different. Grease Monkey is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a high THC content and a unique flavor and taste and very different experience. If this sounds like a train you would like to try, check out cannabis stores and online dispensaries for Grease Monkey. Grease Monkey is an attractive-looking plant with bright green indica-like buds that turn a deep purple as the plant matures. Long, pale green leaves surround flowers which have bright orange pistils and are densely covered with crystalline trichomes. The scent of Grease Monkey is pungent and is easily detectable. The aroma is classically skunk, often described as chemical or diesel. It is a scent that will not appeal to everyone, but the undertones of sweetness, often likened to grape, make it a unique fragrance. Grease Monkey also has a very different taste. Predictably strong, Grease Monkey manages to mix the taste of dank diesel with a sugary vanilla. For those who appreciate a ‘complex’ taste, Grease Monkey might be the strain for you. On top of all this, Grease Monkey packs a pungent punch with THC levels as high as any other strain available in your cannabis outlet or online dispensary. THC levels of around 30% have been recorded. With this level of THC users might be expecting an almost instant couch-lock, but the high from Grease Monkey comes on slowly and, while it does involve a considerable body-relaxation, users should expect some cerebral stimulation that serves to keep them alert and focussed.
Chemo is undoubtedly an odd name for a strain of marijuana. The story is that this strain was developed at the University of British Columbia, Canada during the 1960s. Whatever its origins, Chemo is a very unusual strain and one that many cannabis connoisseurs would like to sample. Cannabis outlets and online dispensaries are likely to stock Chemo. Chemo’s fragrance has been described as ‘organic’. It combines the pungent aroma of pine with more earthy undertones. When smoked, the sweet pine notes are most obvious on inhalation; when exhaled the strain exhibits much more of an earthy pungency. The THC levels of Chemo are extremely high, with a remarkable 29% being measured. This, combined with Chemo’s profile of 100% indica create a very particular kind of high. Although some users claim to experience a degree of mental stimulation, it is quite clear that this is not what Chemo is about. Perhaps surprisingly, the effects of Chemo come on slowly, creeping up on the user But eventually, the user will be overcome by its strongly sedative effects . A conclusive body-high is usual, with the user feeling very tranquil. Couch-lock is not unusual and Chemo is a strain to take at the end of the day, or at least when there is little urgent to do. The strong, sedative effects of Chem mean it has the potential to limit the symptoms of painful medical conditions.
Durban Poison
These days cannabis outlets and online dispensaries are stocked with strains that have undergone years of successive cross-breeding to refine the strain and make it finely-tuned to the needs of the market. Durban Poison, so the story goes, is a little different. Instead of a complex lineage involving the budtenders of Amsterdama and California, Durban Poison has a background based very much in the ‘wild’ sativas of South Africa. The big difference is that, unlike most commercially available strains, Durban Poison is not genetically based on Hindu Kush indicas. Instead, Durban Poison might be as close as it is possible to come to a ‘pure’ strain of sativa. The result is a strain that users have reported to find particularly well-suited for being sociable and creative, as well as producing a very positive vibe. Durban Poison is, therefore, commonly used in order to invigorate users and may be used to combat conditions, such as lethargy and depression. It has also been found useful in the management of nausea and migraines.
Gas Mask
There are pungent strains, there are very pungent strains and then there are those which require a gas mask. Gas Mask originated in the Pacific Northwest through the cross-breeding of Cherry Pie and Alien Kush F2. As well as its overwhelming aroma, Gas Mask is known for its powerful and persistent high, important to keep in mind when deciding when and where to use it. Gas Mask is currently stinking out many cannabis outlets and online dispensaries. If somehow you don’t smell it before seeing it, Gas Mask can be recognised by its distinctive heart-shaped, pale green nugs. These can have a deep purple coloration and sport a mass of thick amber hairs, as well as a thick covering of silvery trichomes. Gas Mask’s aroma is known mainly for is dark diesel pungency that can quickly fill any given space, but within that fragrance there are hints for fruit, with many users detecting ripe cherries, while others pointing to citrus scents. Gas Mask does not only have a strong smell, its high punches hard and punches heavy. The inca-dominance produces a powerful body-high that numbs the mind before numbing the body. Stress melts away as the limbs relax and users can be left completely sedated for two hours These effects make Gas Mask an ideal strain to use in order to relieve the symptoms of depression as well as lessening chronic pain.
Green Crack
Green Crack doesn’t have a name most people would automatically associate with high-quality. Buf don’t let the name dissuade you. Despite the rather negative connotations Green Crack is actually a well-respected sativa-dominant strain that is a favorite of both recreational and medicinal users. It originated in Southern California and rapidly became a favorite for those cannabis connoisseurs in the know. Now it’s available in cannabis outlets and online dispensaries across the country. As a sativa-dominant strain, Green Crack plants tend to grow tall and is a quick grower. Green Crack has green buds covered with orange and blue hairs. The indica influence is visible in the tight nugs. One of the main reasons for Green Crack’s popularity is that the aroma is fruity and the taste is sweet. Another reason Green Crack has such a good reputation is that it’s high is simply happy. As the user enjoys the flavorful taste an uplifting, invigorating high quickly takes hold. This slowly melts into a dreamy, enjoyable high. Although fast-acting, the high from Green Crack does not last long. Green Crack is commonly used to help alleviate the symptoms of depression and fatigue.
Green Thai
Southeast Asia is home to some of the most potent sativas on the planet and, naturally, the region has been of interest for breeders for many years. On one such pilgrimage, one of the major seed companies, Green House, brought back the plants that would form the breeding stock of Green Thai. It is believed that they used both Thai and Laotian strains. The result of their efforts was a hybrid, dominated to a large extent, by sativa (85/15). The moderate THC levels mean this strain is an excellent choice for many cannabis users and is well-suited to many different occasions. This great tasting, exotic strain is now available from cannabis stores and online dispensaries. Green Thai plants are usually very tall and can be recognised by fresh green buds which have a covering of orange-yellow hairs. The trichomes can seem like a thin coating of amber. Green Thai is known for its extremely enticing odour which can conjure up tropical notes of spices, cinnamon and nuts. The sativa influences in Green House create an uplifting high with a positive, cerebral-buzz. The mind is likely to feel invigorated, and this heady state may well lend itself to increased productivity, more inspired creativity, or simply greater socialisation and bouts of giggles. This initial euphoria is slowly replaced by a heavier relaxation that brings the user gently down. Sativa dominant strains, such as Green House can prompt some introspection and users need to monitor their intake. Green House is an ideal strain to use early in the day. The effects of Green House have been found to help ease the symptoms of a number of medical conditions, including depression, stress and chronic pain.
La Confidential
While most commercially available marijuana strains are hybrids - a blend, to some degree, of sativa and indica influences - LA Confidential is marketed as something a little different. LA Confidential, it is claimed, is unique because it is a pure indica. There are many cannabis aficionados who would question such a statement, arguing that all strains available today in cannabis stores or online dispensaries have been crossbred to such a degree they are inevitably hybrid forms with both elements of indica and sativa. Others would state that the distinction itself is meaningless. However the argument is framed, one thing is for sure, LA Confidential is a different kind of cannabis strain and one that all experienced cannabis users should try at least once. The cannabis community clearly agrees, with LA Confidential winning numerous awards in the last decade. Despite hailing from Southern California, it is clear that LA Confidential has its deep roots in the mountains of Afghanistan. The classic Kush skunky aroma is immediately apparent. When inhaled, LA Confidential has a pleasing smooth texture with strong pine scents. The dark green buds are covered in fiery orange pistils, while the trichomes are icy white. LA Confidential is likely to stand out in any dispensary. The thick covering of resin means that LA Confidential can be easily used to make hash. The THC content of LA Confidential is over 20% and the effects can be very sedative. Surprisingly, for an indica, LA Confidential inspires mental stimulation and uplifting vibes are likely to accompany the sleepy feelings. LA Confidential is best suited to the evening and may cause a serious case of the munchies.
Lemon Meringue
The recipe for Lemon Meringue is to combine one well-loved strain, Cookies and Cream, with another, Lemon Skunk. Lemon Meringue originated in California and has since found loyal users in Colorado. With its sweet, dessert-like flavors and energizing high, Lemon Meringue is rapidly increasing its popularity in cannabis stores and online dispensaries all across the country. Lemon Meringue’s sativa-dominance is very apparent from its appearance. It is usually a tall plant with long, bright green buds that are fluffy and display a covering of equally bright orange hairs. The smell is, of course, very reminiscent of the sweet and sour of lemon, but you will also detect undertones of nut and the telltale hints of soil and skunk. These darker, skunky flavors come through more strongly when inhaled, as does a reminder of the strain’s Cookies and Cream lineage, with a nutty, doughy taste. Users describe the effects of Lemon Meringue as ‘motivational’. Its energizing influence can be used for physical activity. However, most utilise the intensified experience to listen to music or watch a movie. While Lemon Meringue has the tangy, sugary taste of its namesake, it differs in one important respect - rather than helping pile on the pounds, this strain of cannabis is said to help users burn calories.
Philly Cheesesteak
UK Cheese grew in popularity during the 90s and crossed the Atlantic to inspire a number of Cheese hybrids in California, One of these, Philly Cheesesteak has quickly garnered a reputation as a strain that is pleasing on the eye and on the taste buds. Philly Cheesesteak has a distinctive sweetness and a well-rounded cannabis experience. This makes it an extremely attractive strain for many users and it has become a favorite go-to for budtenders who want to recommend an instantly likeable, accessible strain. As a result, Philly Cheesesteak is readily available in many cannabis stores and online dispensaries. Philly Cheesesteak typically has fluffy buds, covered with silvery trichomes which, though resinous, are not usually overly sticky. The aroma is a pleasant mixture, being both sweet and pungent. Philly Cheesesteak is a smooth, light and grassy draw. Philly Cheesesteak is an indica/sativa hybrid and the high has clear elements of both. Beginning with breaking waves of warm euphoria, the high indica effects become more noticeable with greater dosage. Users should expect to feel heavier with more pronounced stoner sensations. Philly Cheesesteak can work well as a sociable strain but may also encourage sleepiness.
Purple Haze
Purple Haze is a sativa-dominant (85/15) strain. Although its exact lineage is unknown but it is genetically similar to strains such as Purple Thai, Lemon Haze, Grape Ape and Cherry Pie. Purple Haze is a classic marijuana strain with an iconic name. Despite its fame, there have been times when Purple Haze has been difficult to track down, so if you find it in an online dispensary or cannabis stores, it's perhaps a good idea to make the most of it. Purple Haze’s lush green buds are, of course, complemented by shades of deep purple and purple or blue hairs. The long flowers are fluffy and covered by small, resinous, white trichomes. The aroma is sweet with notes of berry or often grape, beneath this there are more earthy, spicy tones that give the flavor a satisfying body. Purple Haze is known to be a strain that produces smooth and great tasting smoke. Purple Haze is also known for its milder potency that makes it a great choice for cannabis users from experienced to novices, for a range of situations and at different times of the day. Purple Haze is a fast-acting strain which has both indica and sativa effects. As an all-round strain, Purple Haze produces a body high with an invigorating buzz that avoids couch lock. This makes it the ideal choice to accompany activities or social situations. Purple Haze can also treat muscle pain, headaches, depression and anxiety.
It was an organisation called Federation Seeds that, in 1996, prevented the strain Romulan from dying out. Romulan had developed a near legendary status among cannabis users. Firstly due to its undoubted quality, as evidenced by its appearance in High Times, Skunk and Cannabis Culture. Secondly, in terms of the potency that inspired its name - smoking this strain could put a dent in your head like the Romulans in Star Trek. With a clear history of success and an assured future, Romulan is, at present, available in cannabis outlets and online dispensaries. The effects of Romulan are typical of a potent indica-dominant strain. A substantial body high is the main result, with waves of blissful euphoria enveloping the user. Romulan’s notorious potency typically results in some serious couch lock and users should not expect to be productive. Inexperienced users should be aware that the high from Romulan is most likely to inspire sleepiness and leave users stuck to one spot. Some users have reported experiencing dry eyes and a cotton mouth. There have also been recorded instances of Romulan causing dizziness and headaches. However, the most common side-effect is a powerful attack of the munchies and users are wise to stock some snacks. Romulan is an ideal strain to help combat insomnia. It is also used to manage chronic pain and to lessen the symptoms of stress and anxiety.
White Rhino
The Nirvana Seed Company has its roots in the grow shops of 1980s Amsterdam and built a reputation gathering some of the highest quality strains from around the world is available at GanjaExpress. They then produced their own branded versions. One such re-packaged strain is ‘Medicine Man’, although a well-regarded strain it is generally regarded as inferior to the original - White Rhino. White Rhino was developed by Greenhouse Seeds which bred a more heavily indica version of the famously potent White Widow. To achieve this they crossed it with an Afghani Kush, which increased the yield and heightened the indica effects. White Rhino is not known as having a particular outstanding or distinctive scent. Generally, it smells earthy with some woody undertones. The flavor is usually described as being hashy, though some users may detect the sweet and sour taste of lemons. The crossbreeding resulted in an obvious increase in the production of resin, with buds coated in silvey trichomes. White Rhino is a quick onset strain with forcefully sedative effects quickly coming upon the user. The body high effectively soothes the body and limits the productivity of the user. White Rhino is, therefore, probably not a good choice for early in the day. However, these sedative characteristics make White Rhine the ideal choice for anyone suffering from insomnia White Rhino is also used to control anxiety and manage painful conditions.
Sour Patch Kids
At one time the name Sour Patch Kids probably sounded fun and irreverent. Indeed it is, part of the Budget Buds line-up, back then, advertising standards were the least of bartender's concerns, but now, in a new regulatory environment, it suddenly looks ill-advised and commericially inviable. In 2016 the Oregon Liquor Control Commission outlawed 14 marijuana strains as their names could appear to be targeting children and Sour Patch Kids now looks like it may be problematic. The name derives from this strain’s lineage, which includes Sour Kush and Kimbo Kush. The taste is, naturally, sour but also sweet and much like berry-flavored candy. The other notable feature of Sour Patch Kids is the incredibly high THC content of over 21%, but which can reach an unbelievable 31%. The leaves of Sour Patch Kids are small and bright green and covered with orange pistils. Medium-sized flowers house the feathery buds typical of sativa strains. Silver colored trichomes coat the buds in a gluey sheen, making the buds difficult to break up without a grinder. Good quality Sour Patch Kids will have the odor of fresh blueberries with undertones of citrus, pine and earth. When inhaled, Sour Patch Kids is generally less pleasant, a harsh, chemically stench can sometimes make the eyes water. As you might expect from such a potent strain, Sour Patch Kids can be pungent and is not a good choice is you need to be discreet. Sour Patch Kids is a slow-onset strain with the user gradually experiencing a more vivid appreciation of their surrounding environment. Experienced cannabis users are likely to enjoy this altering of the perceptions but it may not be suitable for novices. Users may like to utilize the high by taking a walk, listening to music or simply chatting. However, it does has invigorating elements that may help in the completion of tasks. With greater doses the sedative elements become more pronounced and users may find themselves sitting down and being less active. However, it is worth noting that the sativa influence in Sour Patch Kids does not make is a great strain for ending the day and is better enjoyed during the morning or afternoon.
White Castle
Nirvana Seeds are one of the world’s foremost master breeders. Ganjaexpress are responsible for producing some of the most well-respected strains, including White Widow, White Rhino and Ice. They used two of these superstar strains - White Widow and White Rhino - to create White Castle. These two strains are some of the best-loved strains around, so it was inevitable that there would be huge expectations on their offspring. By all accounts White Castle delivers and Nirvana Seeds have produced another exceptional strain. It can be found now in cannabis outlets and online dispensaries. White Castle is an indica-dominant hybrid, its 60/40 ratio is often described as “well-balanced”. THC levels are reasonable at around 13%, making White Castle an accessible, as well as high-quality strain. It is likely to be enjoyed by novice users as much as cannabis connoisseurs. White Castle has the thickly dense buds of a classic indica. These are typically covered by the white trichomes that give the strain its name. The flavor of White Castle is positively reviewed, users describe it as being sweet like strawberries and sour like lemons with earthy undertones. Many advise using White Castle in a flower vaporiser to enjoy the full taste profile. Although predominantly an indica, White Castle produces an uplifting high that users find promotes sociability. Nevertheless, it is also used to dampen the discomfort of many painful conditions, as well as being useful in helping combat stress and anxiety. It can also be used to help fight insomnia and is best enjoyed in the evening.
White Widow
Green House Seeds and buymyweedonline is a legendary organisation whose members included names such as Shantibaba, Schoenmaker and Howard Marks. Back in 1994, Green House in Amsterdam combined a Brazilian sativa with a south Indian hybrid to create White Widow. Nearly a quarter of a century later White Widow is still a formidable strain, still well-loved and now not just for sale in Amsterdam coffee shops, but also available in cannabis outlets and online dispensaries. White Widow gets its name from the thick, white covering of trichomes, its nugs are well-known for being high-quality. The aroma is a pleasing combination of fruit and musky potency. Lemon is the main scent but it can also smell flowery as well as, at times, almost putrid. The plentiful trichomes produce a hashy flavor. The high from White Widow can be characterised as an upliftin
Gorilla Glue#4
Gorilla Glue #4 is a well-balanced sativa/indica hybrid with a 50/50 ratio. Gorilla Glue’s lineage includes such well-known strains as Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb and Chem’s Sister. Influenced by these successful strains it is, perhaps, unsurprising that Gorilla Glue #4 has become an incredibly popular strain amongst cannabis connoisseurs. Strain reviews are extremely positive for both recreational and medicinal users. Moreover, the quality of Gorilla Glue #4 was confirmed when the strain was awarded first place in the prestigious Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. For those interested in sampling this top-shelf strain should check out their local cannabis outlet or online dispensary. Gorilla Glue #4, available at Ganja Express, has the claim of being one of the most potent strains around with an astonishing 30% THC content being recorded. This amazing potency is not surprising when looking at Gorilla Glue #4, its buds sport the covering of ‘gluey’, resinous trichomes, from which it takes its name. But beware, this sticky solution could be enough to prevent you from easily breaking up the buds. The fragrance of Gorilla Glue #4 is regarded as very pleasant and has the classic combination lemony and pine notes but also a distinct darker, chocolate-like smell. Like any very potent strain, there is a strong skunky element. Gorilla Glue #4 inspires a blissed out, mellow high, while not being so sedative that users are unable to complete tasks. Many users report that they remain able to focus. Gorilla Glue #4 is, it should be remembered, an extremely potent strain and should be handled with care. Gorilla Glue #4 can be used medicinally to treat the symptoms of stress and to reduce chronic pain.
Ace of Spades
Created by TGA Subcool Seeds by crossbreeding Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper, all part of budget buds, Ace of Spades is an indica dominant strain. With Ace of Spades, TGA Subcool Seeds achieved the classic combination of sweet and sour flavors with mid-levels of THC and created an allround strain that reviews show is well-appreciated by cannabis users. Ace of Spades is available in cannabis stores and Canadian online dispensaries. The scent of Ace of Spades is citrusy with sweet berry notes, undercut by earthy tones. The flavor profile is the popular blend of sweet and sour lemony tastes, but can also include notes of grape and spice. The plants are large and will grow tall with large and heavy flowers, while the buds can appear pink, blue and purple, always covered by thick orange pistils. With Ace of Spades users experience a blissful, soothing happy high. Feelings of euphoria can engulf the user and these may be replaced by hunger pangs. It is an ideal strain to use while taking part in leisurely activities such as listening to music or watching a movie. As Ace of Spades is such a well-balanced and flexible strain it has a number of medical benefits. Users trust Ace of Spades to reduce the symptoms of stress, insomnia, depression and problems with appetite.
Mataro Blue
The producer, Kannabia Seeds, has built a reputation as one of the highest quality labs around. They used three high-quality indica strains - Blue Monster, Mazar I Sharif and Black Domina - to produce Mataro Blue. Mataro Blue, part of Budget Buds, has been described as “the perfect strain,” for its combination of potent strength and outstanding flavor. To underline its obvious status amongst strains of cannabis, Mataro Blue was awarded first prize at Toronto’s 2016 Lift Expo for a medical indica. The appreciation for Mataro Blue comes from the fact it is considered a very balanced strain. However, all this love that comes the way of Mataro Blue means that often this strain is difficult to find. Anyone hoping to track down this rare strain should check out their local cannabis outlet and Canadian online dispensaries. Mataro Blue is famous for the large, heavy, sticky buds it produces. When inhaling Mataro Blue has a lemony flavor undercut by earthy tones, some users also claim to experience the taste of sweet berries. Surprisingly, for a strain developed from three famous indicas, Mataro Blue producers balanced effects, the user experiences both a physical high and mental buzz. The overall effect is that users are able to relax while remaining motivated and productive. When the dose is increased, however, users are likely to become more lethargic and sedated. Mataro Blue is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from chronic pain or insomnia.
Death Star
Two very well-respected cannabis strains, Sour Diesel also known as a bugetbuds, a sativa, and Sensi Star, an indica, were crossbred to produce a new hybrid strain. The result was an indica-dominant strain (75/25) that was named Death Star and has become known as an outstanding marijuana plant. Death Star has developed a reputation as a top-quality strain and is much in demand at cannabis stores and Canadian online dispensaries. Sour Diesel and Sensi Star both heavily influence the scent and flavor profile of Death Star, creating an extremely pungent and impactful strain. This means Death Star will produce enough aroma to fill any enclosed space, making it a problematic choice for anyone needing to be discreet. The smell of skunk and earth is the main evidence of Death Star, diesel notes and sweet, citrus undertones are also present. The taste is similar with a vibrancy and intensity that marks Death Star out as a special strain. The buds of Death Star have flashes of purple shooting up from the stalks, while the light green leaves curl upwards and are covered with amber pistils. Resinous trichomes form a silvery layer over the buds and this sparkling frostiness serves as a reliable indication of Death Star’s considerable potency. That resin translates into a THC content of between 18% and 27%, making Death Star one of the most powerful strains around. The experience for users is one of euphoric relaxation that builds slowly, taking in an increasing calmness that spreads throughout the body. Death Star does not only ease the body, but also calms the mind, resulting in a pleasant, positive outlook. In higher doses Death Star has the potential to put the user heavily into their couch, for this reason Death Star may not be suitable for novice users and should be consumed later in the day.
Often cannabis users assume that in order to gain potency they have to sacrifice great taste. Nuken is one of those strains that proves this is not true along with a lineup of Budget Buds. Nuken is an extremely potent strain but from its scent and taste you could be forgiven for assuming it was a mid-range strain. With Nuken the user gets pot that is as sweet and delicious as candy with a powerful and impressive high. Nuken was developed in Canada by Cash Crop Ken using God Bud, a strain that was won several awards with Shishkaberry. The outcome is a classic hybrid which has become a firm favorite of cannabis connoisseurs in Canada and the Northwest US. Nuken is an indica-dominant strain that is available in cannabis stores and online dispensaries. Nuken’s famous scent is well worth sampling. Users compare it to marshmallows, although, of course, a strain as potent as Nuken will also have a strong skunky undercurrent. Earthy flavors may only add to the appeal. The taste also has notes of pine and are to be savoured. The exact level of THC in Nuken is the subject of some dispute. Tests tend to indicate that most plants contain between 13% and 15% THC, however, many claim that in actuality, THC levels can reach a whopping 35%. Nuken is overwhelmingly an indica-dominant strain and hence an ideal strain fro evening consumption. Nuken produces a quick-onset high that can last a number of hours. Initial effects are a mental buzz and a sense of euphoria. Users often combine Nuken with social activities, although it is noted that for some Nuken can create a sense of introspection.
Skywalker OG
Tilray, owned by Privateer Holdings, is one of the largest cannabis producers in the world. Tilray is a GMP certified supplier of medical cannabis to large numbers of patients and medical practitioners in Canada, Australia, the EU and the US. One of the strains Tilray produce is Skywalker OG, a sativa-dominant hybrid which originated in California. Skywalker OG is related to OG Kush, which for a Kush was notable for its sativa-like characteristics. Therefore, for a sativa, Skywalker OG is particularly potent with THC levels reaching in excess of 20%.Skywalker OG has been a very popular choice of cannabis over recent years and is available in cannabis outlets and online dispensaries. Skywalker OG is known for having an impressively well-rounded terpene profile, resulting in pleasingly piney aromas, you can find it at BMWO. It produces a smooth smoke that has a similarly piney taste. Medical supplier’s interest in Skywalker OG stems from highs that leave a long-lasting body sedative. This has been found to be very helpful in combating insomnia. Moreover, Skywalker OG is known to help relieve the symptoms of chronic pain. For recreational users, Skywalker OG is a strain best suited to later in the day and it is worth remembering that larger doses can produce couch-lock. Beginners should be mindful of the dose to avoid overwhelming couch lock and lethargy. Skywalker OG has tight, compact buds with glandular trichomes. Skywalker OG marijuana is good for evening and night time use as promotes deep relaxation which results in couch lock.
Blue Cheese
It was perhaps inevitable that eventually someone would have the idea of combining the popular strains Blueberry and Cheese. The only question was whether the resulting strain would live up to the standards of its lineage. Happily, Blue Cheese manages to combine the best qualities of both strains. Perhaps most importantly, Blue Cheese maintains the iconic aroma of a bowl of fresh blueberries and blends it with the musky tones of Cheese. Blue Cheese is, therefore, one of the most interesting cannabis strains out there, in terms of scent and flavor. It is certainly one that should be sampled by anyone who considers themselves a cannabis connoisseur. Blue Cheese can be found in cannabis outlets and Canadian online dispensaries. Blue Cheese has small, fluffy buds which can be olive to dark green and have dark yellow pistils just like BudgetBuds. The strain typically sports a covering of resinois trichomes. Blue Cheese is usually a slow-onset high, with the user slowly experiencing increasing levels of euphoria. In larger doses, Blue Cheese can inspire a rather space feel. However, in general, Blue Cheese is regarded as a social strain that allows users to stay focussed, be communicative, while feeling happy and relaxed and sometimes even giggly.
Grapefruit was created by and unknown breeder combining two strains - Cinderella 99 and an unknown sativa from Thailand and avaliable at BMWO. The result is a sativa-dominant (70/30) hybrid that has developed a growing legion of followers over recent years. They are mainly attracted to the scent, often termed ‘delightful’. Grapefruit is well-named as the powerful citrus odor is like no other. To experience this unique strain, visit a cannabis store or check out a Canadian online dispensary. Grapefruit buds are the classic sativa-shape of fluffy cones. The light green leaves contrast pleasingly with soft orange pistils which, occasionally, can be purple. Sour notes of grapefruit will hit the nostrils as soon as you encounter this strain. The smell can be very powerful and may well make your mouth water. Somewhere, amongst the citrus, there are also hints of an earthy skunk scent. The bitter taste of grapefruit is also present, sour, acidic tones assault your tongue with a burst of juiciness. A spicy aftertaste completes the profile. . As a sativa, Grapefruit is often recommended for daytime consumption. It is classified as a ‘wake and bake’ strain that gives the user an invigorating burst of energy. Users report that it is idea for completing tasks and taking part in activities. Some even choose to sample a little Grapefruit as part of their morning routine before a day at work. Depending on your job, of course, you might want to exercise caution doing this, however, it does underline the ‘active’ nature of the Grapefruit high.
Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit lives up to its evocative name, producing a full fruit scent in high demand at ganja express and flavor and sports bright colors, meaning Juicy Fruit is a strain that is always likely to stand out from the others. Juicy Fruit is a sativa-dominant strain (55/45) with an enormous 26% THC content. It is available from a host of cannabis stores and online dispensaries. One of the distinctive elements of Juicy Fruit is its unique set of color combinations. As well as shades of green, once Juicy Fruit plants reach maturity they will often exhibit purple hues and even pink tones. These are exaggerated during the curing process, making Juicy Fruit a particularly attractive strain. To top it all, covering the buds is a frosting of crystalline trichomes.. Perhaps the main scent you will notice is an overpowering sour aroma combined with a fruity tatiness. Elements of berry and citrus mingle with notes of pineapple and bitter lemons. Juicy Fruit has a unique aroma and once sampled, users claim it is instantly recognisable. The taste is similarly complex and as impressive. Users are enthusiastic about the contrast of berry-sweetness and the sour lemon. A long, fruity aftertaste is another element of Juicy Fruit that users heap praise upon. The high from Juicy Fruit is perhaps best described as a ‘mood-booster’. The sativa elements provide an intense cerebral-buzz, that may inspire creativity, productivity and will certainly improve sociability. Users also report an altering of some perceptions with time, in particular, seeming to stretch and contract.
Rock Star
The budtenders at Bonguru Beans took Rockbud, a strain from Soma A+, and crossed it with Sensei Star, a strain produced by Paradise Seeds and available at Ganja Express. They resulting strain they named RockStar and, as well as having a great lineage, this strain has been awarded second place in the Cannabis Cup. RockStar is a high-quality strain with a THC content of between 14% and 20%. For the past few years, this strain has been a favorite of in-the-know cannabis users and is stocked by many cannabis outlets and Canadian online dispensaries. In its aroma, RockStar betrays its kush heritage in its pungent aroma. Sweet and spicy notes jostle with an earthy undercurrent. RockStar’s taste is also skunky with lemony tones, reviews describe it as surprisingly enjoyable. The initial feelings of a RockStar high centre around a mental-buzz that brings a clarity of thought and greater focus. This transitions into a more soothing body-high, which leaves the user feeling uplifted and calms away all signs of stress. As a more indica-high becomes apparent limbs become heavy and the body lulls into the couch. The munchies are not an uncommon effect of RockStar and it is always good to have some snacks to hand.
The cannabis producers, Canna Farms, used a range of high-quality strains sold at Buy My Weed Online, including Master Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Blueberry and Tangerine Dream to create a new hybrid they named Shake. Their new strain is an evenly balanced indica/sativa (50/50) hybrid, containing low to mid-levels of THC. Shake is a great allround strain that is easily accessible for novice users and those who have a low tolerance to THC.. It is suitable for both day and night time uses and is an excellent choice for use in edibles. Shake is available from many cannabis stores and can be ordered online from Canadian dispensaries. Shake is known for its woody, earthy taste which may not appeal to everyone. With an average THC content of only 7.9%, Shake is a long way from many contemporary strains that put a premium on mearty THC levels. The race for high THC may have created a gap in the market for a strain that is not quite so heavy. Shake offers a relatively lengthy high that becomes blissfully lazy while avoiding the heavy sedation that some more potent strains create. Overall, the Shake experience is relaxing and mellow, and with an even weight of indica and sativa effects, it feels well-rounded and balanced.
Cookie Dough is one of the many offspring of the illustrious Girl Scout Cookies. GSC is much in demand as breeders value its capacity to produce potent strains. Cookie Dough is one such strain that has inherited the high potency genes and combines them with an evenly balanced high. The THC content of Cookie Dough can vary between 13% and 25%, but for cannabis connoisseurs it is the potent high that just keeps going and going that makes Cookie Dough such a valued and sought-after strain. For those wishing to track down Cookie Dough it can be found in cannabis outlets and Canadian online dispensaries. Cookie Dough produces medium-sized flowers that appear to be very typical of indica varieties and you can find it at Ganja Express. The circular buds are densely-packed, olive-green covered with bright amber pistils. Cookie Dough buds typically display .a covering of resinous, pale lemon trichomes The dried buds can, indeed, appear like dough, even smelling a little like bread or yeast. Users may smell notes of berries and citrus. When inhaled the unusual dough taste is more discernible. Cookie Dough produces a quick-onset high. Users experience a cerebral-buzz with alterations in perception making the sensation distinctly psychedelic in nature. Cookie Dough is not quite the right strain for completing tasks, it more suited to listening to music or watch a movie. Later in the high the experience becomes more recognisable as a body-high with the limbs lethargic and relaxing. It is not uncommon for the eyelids to become heavy and close also. Cookie Dough is, therefore, a good strina to use later in the day when unwinding is the goal.
Thin Mint Cookies
If you wanted to pick two cannabis strains that could be described as bonafide classics, OG Kush and Durban Poison would be solid selections. Both are regarded by cannabis connoisseurs as high-quality strains and their positions as two of the best strains of all time is cemented by the many awards they have been given. Cannabis users in general have an almost reverence for OG Kush and Durban Poison, in fact, OG Kush can make a viable claim to be the most popular strain of all time. OG Kush remains, one of the most potent indicas around and is also available at BMWO. Its heavy Kush-high is almost the benchmark for indicas everywhere. Indeed, OG Kush can be said to have marked the change to a new period of good quality weed. Durban Poison, on the other hand, is in many ways the opposite, a raw, unrefined sativa. What then, if these two strains were crossbred? The answer to that question is Thin Mint Cookies. Thin Mint Cookies is a finely balanced hybrid, the Durban Poison sativa providing the perfect counterweight to the mighty indica Kush. However, this does not mean that Thin Mint Cookies has had its potency cancelled out. THC levels are regularly recorded at higher than 20%. The taste of TMC really does rise to the level of cookies. When inhaling and exhaling a surprising but clear taste of minty terpenes are easily detectable. Thin Mint Cookies quickly relieves stress and brings waves of euphoria for the user.
Butterscotch is primarily known as a medical strain with a beautifully sweet flavor profile and interesting and enjoyable effects. THC levels of around 18% mean that Butterscotch should be considered a potent strain, but it is perhaps the CBD content of over 2% and an odor that is almost freakishly similar to some bizarre blend of butterscotch and hash, that the strain is primarily known for. Well-regarded throughout cannabis circles, Butterscotch can be found in cannabis stores and Canadian online dispensaries. A bag of Budget Buds Butterscotch nugs exhibit a range of colors, from deep orange to caramel and pale olive and, perhaps more noticeably, will exude a distinctive and forceful odor of butter. Although a hybrid, a Butterscotch high displays only the characteristics usually associated with indica. A cerebral-high is very unlikely. Instead, users can expect to become heavily sedated and feel blissfully lethargic. An ideal nightcap, Butterscotch relieves aches and pains and induces a pleasant night’s sleep. Butterscotch can also be used to treat muscle spasms, depression, anxiety and stress.
Forbidden Fruit
Developed by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, Forbidden Fruit has rather slipped under the radar for many cannabis connoisseurs. This is a great pity as this strain combines an attractively fruity flavor profile with an enticing experience. To create Forbidden Fruit, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds crossbred a hybrid, Cherry Pie, with a sativa called Tangie. Forbidden Fruit is an indica-dominant strain Budget Buds (70/30) that certainly also has elements of sativa present. THC levels are another reason one might expect this strain to be better known. Weighing in at 23% to 27%, Forbidden Fruit is a potent strain. However, it is perhaps more interesting for its medicinal properties than its recreational use. While not always as widespread as some other strains, Forbidden Fruit can be found in some cannabis outlets and many Canadian online dispensaries. The buds of Forbidden Fruit are mottled a range of remarkable colors from purple to orange, taking in blue and pink. The densely-packed leaves are covered by a milky coating of resnous trichomes. Forbidden Fruit has an aroma that has been described as “gorgeous.” The floral scent is surprisingly light and airy and, naturally, full of fruity notes. The flavor profile displays lemony notes and earthy, nutty tastes. Simply put, Forbidden Fruit has one of the most complex and impressive flavors around. Forbidden Fruit is a slow-onset high that approaches the user slowly, spreading a sensation of mentaly and physical bliss. The body high takes hold and lulls the user gently into a state of relaxed euphoria. Forbidden Fruit is a strain that is best enjoyed at the end of the day.
Jet Fuel
There is a little debate over the question of where Jet Fuel first launched, some say it was created by the experts at 303 Seeds in Aspen, Colorado, others maintain that it first took off in Southern California, a product of Dr Greenthumb. Wherever the location, it is clear that Jet Fuel derives from the crossbreeding of the famous Budget Buds, Sour Diesel strain. Those familiar with South Diesel will recognise that this means Jet Fuel will inevitably inherit Sour Diesel’s forceful characteristics of a pungent odor and serious high. For those interested in evaluating this innovation on a classic, Jet Fuel is available from many cannabis outlets and Canadian online dispensaries. Customers are unlikely not to recognise Jet Fuel when presented with it, the stench of diesel is extremely potent. Somewhere, amongst the gassy odor, users might also detect lemony, citrus notes. Jet Fuel often described as a ‘true hybrid’, indicating a certain balance between indica and sativa elements. However, most users appear to agree that, in fact, the indica influences are dominant. Jet Fuel has a THC content of around 15% and the high gives users an energetic, heady experience which gently fades into a soothing, relaxed state.
White Lightning
White Widow is undeniably one of the most important and influential cannabis strains of all time from Buy My Weed Online. Developed by Green House Seeds, it became a staple of the coffee houses of Amsterdam, well-loved for its uplifting and invigorating high. When the British Columbia Seed Company set out to create a new strain it must have always been in their mind to work with White Widow. The choice of the other strain was inspired. Northern Lights has been a mainstay of the Canadian cannabis scene for over thirty years. Northern Lights is a serial award winner, well-respected for its effects on the body and the mental buzz it produces. Cannabis connoisseurs are likely to have very high expectations of the new strain they produced. White Lightning can be found in many cannabis outlets and Canadian online dispensaries. On first encounter with White Lightening the experienced cannabis user will notice the deep skunky elements apparent in its odor. However, there are also clear notes of fruit and even lavender that are as pleasing as they are unexpected. With such an impactful aroma, users might be expecting an overwhelming taste. In fact, White Lightning is a great deal more subtle with sweet and fruit notes making the overall flavor very accessible. The high from White Lightning is fast-acting and users will quickly find themselves feeling more positive and uplifted. At the same time, users will feel more focussed and an increasing sense of euphoria. White Lightning has been shown to be a popular social strain, increasing communication and improving the mood of the room. Finally, White Lightning leads its users towards a soothing period of relaxation.
Orange Crush
It is generally believed that Orange Crush was developed in Canada by the BC Growers Association. The lineage of Orange Crush is likely to involve the classic cannabis strain, Blueberry and California Orange. Certainly this would tally with the enjoyable fruitiness that Orange Crush exhibits. It would also mean that Orange Crush includes in its lineage two of the most traditionally respected strains around, with California Orange being a major strain since the 1950s and Blueberry going all the way back to the 1970s. Together, they have created a distinctive looking strain with a remarkable flavor. Orange Crush can be found in cannabis outlets and is available in Canadian online dispensaries at Buy My Weed Online. Orange Crush is an sativa-dominant (80/20) hybrid that, despite containing a modest level of THC (11%-13%) produces an impressive cerebral high. It is sometimes described as a good strain for novice users wishing to sample a sativa. However, it should be noted that Orange Crush produces a very long high, sometimes up to two hours. During this time users are likely to feel inspired, more creative, while feeling relaxed and focussed. Users have reported that orange Crush may alter perceptions, with colors and sounds becoming more intense.