Sour Strains: – Must try these cheapweed sour strains

Are you a cannabis lover who likes a little Sativa dominance? Would you say they are better than balanced hybrids? Well, here are a few Sativa dominant strains for you to try. They are easily available at cheap weed, an online dispensary for cannabis and cannabis products. They have all Sativa and Indica strains.

The sour strains are mainly Sativa or Sativa dominant. But many have the relaxing influence of indica as well. cheap weed has been in the cannabis industry for quite some time now. They know their marijuana and understand the need for medical marijuana. Here are a few strains for you to try.


Sour OG

A very balanced marijuana hybrid strain that envelopes the entire body and mind in its effects of euphoria and relaxation. It is a lightly Sativa dominant strain with a taste of light diesel strain and skunky, pungent aroma. It is one of the popular strains among cannabis lovers, and why wouldn’t it be. It is a cross of the two legendaries; it is bound to have both mind and body effects of euphoria and relaxation.


Sour Kandy

Having a very exquisite flavour of tropical fruit and sweet, with an aroma of pungent diesel; this strain has almost 16% of THC, which is a mix of slightly higher sativa sour diesel and bubblegum. Having powerful effects, it is one of the unique strains of cheap weed that have full-blown euphoric effects and uplifts moods. It helps with many medical disorders such as chronic pain and depression.

Sour Jet Fuel

Providing jolts of energy and uplifting of mood, cheap weed has provided all the cannabis lovers with a strain that has a pungent diesel fume aroma but has been known to have full-blown body effects but keeps the mind clear and focused. It has almost 20% of THC and 1% CBD.


If you are a Sativa lover and you and your medical conditions are under control. You can have both of these benefits in sour strains of cannabis available only at cheap weed.