Five sneaky tips to hide the smell of marijuana

NO, smoking marijuana does not make you a bad person, but as social conventions state, it is still considered a harmful substance because if not taken seriously, it can be very addictive and may lead to different substance use. If you know what you are doing or why you are using it within limits, here are a few ways that  cheapweed  offers to hide the smell of marijuana.

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Smell of Marijuana

Do not be confident that you have smoked a little so that no one will know; the smell of marijuana is very different and unique. It can be identified anywhere. Marijuana has a characteristic skunky smell with earthy and woody undertones.

How to Hide the Smell?

A few easy ways to hide your marijuana smell offered by cheapweed which can go a long way;

  1. Vaporize

When you vape the marijuana or use it in the form of vapors, it has different flavors added to it as well. The vapors do not stick to your clothes or skin, making it almost completely vanishes.

  1. One Hitter

Try using a one-hitter or a pipe; it helps to lower the smell after. If you cannot find one use a smoke filter or a sploof if you can. These methods help in reducing the aromatics sticking to your lips and fingers.

  1. Clean Up

Try to shower, wash yourself, and brush your teeth after using marijuana. A change of clothes will also help in making the smell.

  1. Lid It

If you are storing marijuana flowers, it is better to close it in a tight jar which helps keep the aroma in and not diffuse through the room.

  1. Deodorise

Have a deodorant or fragrant incense in your room you plan on smoking inside. Also, open a window so it vents out, maintaining the deodorant smell in the room.


The smell of marijuana is strong and can be a point of criticism, but cheapweed offers a few great tips on how you can mask or hide the smell of marijuana, either smoked or stored. If you want to get high-quality cannabis products at a low price, you can go to cheapweed right now and choose your favourite variety.