Cheapweed: Must try cannabis strains for every cannabis lover

If you are a cannabis lover, you may very well understand the value of good cannabis and the rush of happiness that comes with it. Still, wondering what are we talking about? Cheapweed  serves cannabis to its very dear consumers in a distinct variety of out of which there’s not a single one you should miss out on.

Cheapweed Must try cannabis strains for every cannabis lover.


Also known as Gelatti, the Acai gelato x biscotti is a hybrid marijuana strain of AAAA+ grade. It has an eye-pleasing appearance with kushy nugs and oily trichomes. It has a strong dank terpene aroma that will make a cannabis lover fall for it. Smoking this strain leaves you with head high and relaxing sensations. It is one of the best at the Cheapweed online dispensary.


Angel cake (AAAA) from Cheapweed is yet another hybrid strain. Originated from Afghanistan and South Africa, this strain has very fruity, earthy, and pine flavor hints of sourness and spice. Its flavor lingers onto your taste buds as you smoke it. With the genetics of Forum girl scout cookies and Fire OG kush, this strain gives your mind a very relaxing euphoric sensation.


Animal Mints from cheap weed is a hybrid marijuana strain that is produced by a cross combination of Animal Cookies and Blue Power and GSC. It delivers a strong body and head high, with euphoric sensations making it great for use after work and in the evening. It possesses a very strong yet sweet aroma that intensifies into being minty when exhaled.


Berry Bomb from Cheapweed is a highly hypnotic hybrid of Blueberry and Bomb #1. It possesses a very fruity flavor like that of sweet blueberries with a hint of earthiness and pine. This berry bomb strain leaves your body in a very deep relaxing state with a euphoric sensation and a floating mind making you feel all drowsy. This cannabis strain can be used to treat insomnia and stress.


Being a cannabis lover, there is no way you miss out on these amazing cannabis strains. They are all worth the try and will make you want more.