Cheapweed: – Four amazing cannabis hybrid strains for cannabis lovers

Looking for a more potent cannabis product? Have any of you tried high THC products? They work as tranquilizers in some cases as well, and you can compare the potency to a marijuana flower. For higher THC levels, the dispensaries such as cheap weed blend and cross different strains of cannabis and THC products to increase the THC, mostly THC high strains and Indica dominant.

The cheap weed is an online Canadian Dispensary that provides premium quality marijuana and cannabis products. This dispensary is also popular for cannabis hybrid strains.

Hybrid strains

When it comes to cannabis users, they want something smooth and yet strong that can give them an entire bodily effect. Thanks to cheap weed, now you can have your desired effects in one flower and have it intensify. There are plenty of strains out there, and every strain has its unique characteristic. Having Sativa and Indica as a basic strain, you can work with the levels and achieve higher THC levels.


Amazing Hybrid strains

There are amazing and very powerful cannabis hybrid strains available on the online dispensary, cheap weed. The most amazing and sure ones to try are;

Vanilla Cookies 25.55% THC

A cross of Platinum GC and the famous Ms Universe is a subtle hybrid with a lower THC quantity. It is the best strain for beginners as it has lower tolerance.

Tuna Kush AAA+ 27.55% THC

The tuna Kush is an Indica dominant and has amazing effects on the body. It has an uplifting mood effect but has a very heavy sedation effect on the body, and it mellows the user but is still fully functional.

Tootsie Pop 26.58% THC

A double chocolate tart, having chocolope and chocolate strains crossed with a THC level higher enough to affect the brain as a euphoric agent and providing an energy rush.

Cookie Monster

An innovation created by crossing girl scouts cookies and granddaddy purple. Uplifting mood with its euphoria but is indeed a very powerful relaxation agent.


Order the best cannabis strains from cheap weed with amazing and potent THC content for both therapeutic and relaxing uses.