Cheapweed Best Sativa Strains

Cheapweed is an online platform working to cater to its customers with the best Sativa strains online. It is providing 100% quality and original products.

Cheapweed Sativa strains give a stimulating effect, and if you feel giggling after smoking, it’s due to Sativa strain. It’s popular among creative’s and artists. It treats mental and behavioral problems. It also treats depression, ADHD, and stress. These are some of the best Sativa strains:

Strawberry Jerry

It is a Sativa cannabis strain with a pungent smell and has fruity scents with uplifting effects. The people who have anxiety choose strawberries to relieve stress. It has high THC strains and gives you a relaxing mood instantly. Cheapweed Strawberry brings mental and physical relief to patients. It also treats mild or severe symptoms. Strawberry is grown both outdoors and indoors with a time of 9 weeks.

Brainstorm Haze

It was first bred by Delta 9 Labs after a lot of research through Thailand for the right strains. Brainstorm is a cross between a Thai landrace and Stargrazer. It takes effort to grow and has a long flowering time of 10-12 weeks, but it returns high yields. It can be grown in warm climates. It’s the best strain for haze lovers and has fruity characteristics.

Lemon Thai

Lemon Thai is for users who are looking for an extra creative spark. These are originally produced by Dutch Flowers. The effects of this strain are extremely cerebral; users feel introspective, focused, and thoughtful. It has a lemony taste, and flowers start growing within ten weeks. It produces a high yield and needs a lot of space to grow.

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