Cannabis Hybrid strains: Cheapweed must try hybrid strains for Cannabis Hybrid lovers

A relaxing head-high after a long buy day? Would some Hybrid cannabis help you out? For sure, it will. That too straight from the Cheap weed  online dispensary; where you have so many choices to pick from. Each one on the list a feast in itself. Confused? Here are some options.

Cannabis Hybrid strains Cheapweed must try hybrid strains for Cannabis Hybrid lovers.

Grape Stomper

The grape stomper from Cheap weed  is also popularly known as sour grapes. As made obvious by both its names, the grape stomper has a fruity flavor like sour grapes with hints of sweetness and a fruity grape candy-like aroma. This hybrid strain, when consumed, hits right in the head. It makes you feel a cerebral high with tingly sensations in your body.


Also known as Caramel Candy Kush, Caramella is an Indica – dominant hybrid. As obvious as it is by the name, Caramella possesses a sugary caramel flavor with fruity hints of cherry and grape and a slight combination of coffee. This strain from Cheap weed gives you an immediate head high. It helps get relief from chronic pains and stress.

Death star 27.43% THC

Death Star is a strong combination of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. It has a sweet skunk and fuel aroma that leaves a pungent odor which is not very pleasant. The Death star strain from cheap weed does not get you into a very strong cerebral high, but it still does get you into a head high. It makes you feel calm and relaxed, with a sensation of euphoria taking away all your stress.

Dragon’s breath (AAA)

Dragon’s Breath is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross combination of Jack Herer and Northern Lights, two legendary strains. This Sativa dominant hybrid from Cheap weed has a very pungent and spicy aroma, as the name suggests. This strain is said to leave you feeling very light-headed. It makes you feel calmed and relaxed. It is helpful for treating chronic pains, anxiety, and depression.


Try out these hybrid strains to introduce your taste buds to elite-quality cannabis. It is a guarantee that you will come back for more.