Can you combine cannabis and Magic Mushrooms

Can you combine cannabis and Magic Mushrooms

It was a good idea when they decided to mix peanut butter with jelly or even THC with chocolate, but when it comes to Mushrooms, cheap weed does not vote for combining cannabis with shrooms for obvious reasons. Though the shrooms and weed both available on the online dispensary CheapWeed are of premium quality but being too adventurous have never seen a good end!

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Cannabis – Mushroom

It has not been reported life-threatening if taken with precaution, but Mushrooms are already heavily psychedelic natural products which have a very intense high. Mixing them with cannabis will give either a very weak high or an episodic buzz of euphoria and a bad trip.

Cannabis has both THC and CBD in the mix; mostly, CBD brings out the downer when taken in abundance, but THC is the main mental stimulant. Depending on the type, potency, and dosage of the cannabis, you can modulate a high that is heavy and longer.

The Dare Devils

While many nod in no with Cannabis and Mushrooms together, researchers have also reported that the main high and body buzz was because of the THC, and it dominates the shroom. But adventure lovers have said to use Sativa strains with mushrooms and enjoy insanely heavy highs that can go on for days.

Depending on the THC levels in the strain, you can get yourself an ultimate pain reliever, but a bad trip is in order. Because you manipulate two natural properties, there will be repercussions. The bad trip lasts for 2-4 hours, depending on the shroom itself when the THC dominates the trip.

As a result of mixed effects, it has been said not to mix the two different products of nature, rather take benefit from both as there is plenty of that.


Magic Mushrooms and cannabis are not a good idea to mix; both are available separately on CheapWeed online dispensary for their therapeutic uses. Choose your natural remedy and start feeling better at CheapWeed!