CBD-dominant weeds strain that our users love

CBD-dominant weeds strain that our users love

The usage of marijuana weed used from BMWO is huge. But, no more. Things also improved with the arrival of cannabidiol and strong CBD varieties to the cannabis industry.

Cannabidiol is becoming increasingly famous among medicinal consumers who want everything without full body high.

And this is not the only aspect. Today, in comparison to THC use, CBD evokes ideas of comfort and beauty. This is no surprise that more and more enterprises are concentrating on cultivating high CBD, low THC varieties to satisfy the increasing demand.

Let’s go through the list of some of the most common cannabidioles, grouped with their CBD / THC ratio, through make sure that you’re up to date on the best CBD strains.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most common weed varieties, with several advantages. This was created by the Colorado Stanley Brothers when they are searching for a strong CBD low THC variety.

Charlotte’s past and her high relief progress has opened debates about the medicinal effects of cannabidiol and rendered this CBD bud the origin to the breakthrough of scientific cannabidiol. It became so popular, in fact, that people moved to Colorado to get access to extracts from this strain.

Charlotte has 17 percent and 20 percent CBD, and almost no THC. It is usually consumed in CBD oil and gummies, possibly the highest CBD hemp strain with rich taste and woody aroma.


Remedy is an Indica variety that is used mainly for sleeplessness treatment. Remedy comes from another form of CBD, the strain of Cannatonic and the Afghan Skunk, with CBD even more than their families.

Remedy was created primarily as a cannabis strain that offers high CBD content and medicinal benefits without couchlock. Remedy, with its wonderful earthy flavour and mild flower taste with hints of sour lemon, is considered for better relieve depression and anxiety, and even tremors and muscle spasms.

Valentine X

Valentine X has a remarkable ratio of 25:1 CBD to THC, confirmed to be the best CBD strain in 2019. It is very effective for medication frequently very popular to relieve inflammation and muscle spasms, migraine, anxiety and headaches effects.

Valentine X is the offspring of the popular ACDC CBD strain, 50–50 Indica / Sativa, which provides a feeling of euphoria, a condition of joy and calm. This would never overpower you (because of its small THC level), but it will boost creativity and decrease fear and depression. Valentine X has a scent of sweet pine and a spicy woody aftertaste and is expected to be popular with medicinal uses of cannabis for a long time.

Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is one of the small varieties of Cannabis that are ideal for the management of discomfort, GI, inflammation, PTSD and muscle spasms. Some also regard it as the best strain for anxiety and stress. It gives users a warm, soft and calm feeling without the couch-lock effect. Moreover, it offers some brain activity, but it is hardly noticeable because the THC levels are so low.

Ringo’s BMWO Gift has a mildly spicy, tangy, pineal aroma. No doubt, it is one of the best CBD varieties which are perfect for use throughout the busy day because it does not play with your brain and leaves you safe and friendly.

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