CBD Infused Everything: The Future of Weed?

No one can deny that weed has come far. Remember the days of smoking and classic edibles? While these are still popular options, they aren’t the only ones available. Like any other industry, the marijuana industry is innovative, and is constantly coming up with newer and better products.

Variety is no longer just in the hands of florists – manufacturers are introducing their ideas too. From CBD bath bombs to THC in chocolate, the options are limitless. Here are some of our favorites!

CBD Bath Bombs

There are very few things that sound more inviting than a luxurious bath. Add BuyMyWeedOnline CBD infused bath bombs to the mix, and the evening goes from mellow to ultra-relaxed. Do your muscles a favor and treat them to this calming experience – let CBD melt all your troubles and aches away with amazing lavender and rose scented bath bombs.

THC Chocolate Bar

Whether you’re craving dark chocolate or white chocolate, we’ve got you covered. With BuyMyWeedOnline THC in chocolate, satisfy your sweet tooth and get your THC intake at the same time. Why not kill two birds with one stone? This Belgian chocolate will provide you with immediate gratification so that you can be more patient for the weed to kick in.

Cara-Melts Twisted Extracts

These BuyMyWeedOnline delicious caramel treats will leave your mouth watering after just one look. Infused with cannabis oil, these come individually wrapped so you can eat them one at a time or indulge yourself all in one go.

You can get all of these and more at BuyMyWeedOnline, one of the biggest marijuana dispensaries in Canada. If you’re looking for CBD bath bombs, Canada’s best online dispensary definitely has you covered.