4 Game-Changing Weed Hacks for Stoners

Smoking weed from BuyMyWeedOnline can be an enjoyable affair, but do you what will take that fun a notch higher? Having trusty weed hacks to fall back! If you’re a marijuana lover, you probably know that the world is teeming with unsolicited and often unsettling weed wisdom.

Given the abundance of wrong advice that would make the most preposterous of pot-related problems even worse, we decided to cut through the garbage and give you the following game-changing weed hacks!

Always Keep a Lip Balm with your Weed Accessories

Weed can dry out your mouth quickly, which is why it always helps to keep a lip balm, can be found at BuyMyWeedOnline, on you while smoking a joint. Keep it with your weed paraphernalia so that you never forget it. This way, when the glorious cannabis turns your lips into the Sahara Desert, you can use the soothing balm to fix them right up.

Suck on Mints While Smoking Weed

Pop a mint candy (or any flavorful candy) in your mouth while prepping your bong and suck on it before taking a puff of your joint. You will thank us for the unrivaled deliciousness of the combination of candy and BuyMyWeedOnline weed flavors.

Use A drop of Honey to Make Your Joints Last Longer

Rub a drop of honey over the skin of your rolled joint. It will act as a sticking agent and prevent the joint from unwrapping and burning too quickly. I might also enhance its taste.

Wear Sunglasses If You Plan to Smoke During the Day

Don’t want strangers to judge you for smoking a joint during the day to make a difficult day a little better? Wear sunglasses to keep people from seeing the red peeking through your eyes. As a plus, you can confidently step out during the daytime without worrying about the sunrays hitting you directly in the eyes.

Now that you have these pearls of weed (sorry, we couldn’t resist) to hold on to, go ahead and visit BuyMyWeedOnline for exquisite, life-changing cannabis treats