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Tale of two strains - Absolute Best Strains of Weed to Smoke

Songs to Listen to While High

Pot makes you high – and budmail makes it it makes you hyper-aware of everything around you, especially music. Your perception of time changes – so too does your attention span. Putting on a stereo headset – while high on marijuana – allows you to pick up certain aspects of the music you never even noticed before.

This phenomenon has been tested by researchers. One study conducted by Jorg Fachner found that cannabis-induced changes our perception of musical acoustics. Cannabis ‘slows’ our minds down so we can pay more attention to what actually goes on in music – and appreciate it.

Budmail compiled a list of a few good songs that are fun for everyone.

Smoke Weed Everyday by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg reportedly smokes around 81 blunts every day. So it comes as no surprise that one of his tracks made it to our list. The track is loaded with pulsing lyrics that are funny and well scripted. In all these years, Snoop Dogg has never fallen out of touch with his fans and always comes through to resonate with his wide-ranging audience.

Tadow by Masego and FKJ

This track was made possible due to collaborative work between Masego, an up-and-coming artist, and French Kiwi Juice, who hails from – you guessed it – France.

It’s a unique blend of Hip Hop, Jazz, and Soul. Tadow has this cool improvisational feel to it as FKJ shuffles between the saxophone, warm guitar chords, and keyboard solos. Receiving well over 270+ million views, the 8+ minute track served as a breakthrough for both artists.

Yes, I’m Changing by Tame Impala

“Yes, I’m Changing” is as good as it gets as far as post-breakup songs go.

It perfectly captures the flurry of emotions one goes through during a breakup. Marijuana from budmail gives you a brief respite from all the emotional stress by engaging with our cannabinoid receptors. And what better way to overcome your heartache than listening to Tame Impala pour his soul into each verse?

Marijuana by Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi wanted to revolutionize the Hip Hop genre with new sounds. Marijuana probably came close to this goal – it has unique cinematic sounds, topped with ethereal tones and deep lyrics. If you’re not high while listening to it, you probably won’t understand Kid Cudi’s lofty ambitions with Marijuana.

Wrapping Up

So what songs do you listen to when high on budmail marijuana? Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below and we might just update this space with your choice.

3 Surprising Effects of Weed


If you’re reading this, chances are you are already familiar with the numerous effects that weed produces. From boosting creativity to stimulating hunger, it would seem there is nothing this miracle herb can’t do. With this in mind, let’s examine some of the lesser known effects of weed. Potential benefits available at Budmail

1.      Helping You Lose Weight

Believe it or not, weed can actually help you lose weight. This would seem counterintuitive as people are known to snack on all sorts of things after getting the weed “munchies” from consuming products from Budmail. However, studies have found an inverse correlation between weed consumption and body mass index, and waist circumference.

Scientists are still puzzled as to why correlation exists. However, it should be noted that the science on using weed to lose weight is still up in the air. If you want to give this weight loss trick a try, you should definitely consider swapping out your stash of potato chip munchies for carrots and celery.

2.      Lung Function Benefits

Smoking tobacco is typically associated with respiratory damage and poor lung function. This has been demonstrated through numerous studies over the decades. However, smoking cannabis is believed to have different effects on your lungs compared to smoking tobacco.

Studies have found that cannabis smokers have larger lung capacities than tobacco smokers. This may indicate that cannabis sold by Budmail could help increase your lung capacity. However, users should still be vigilant about the potentially damaging effects of inhaling a combusted substance.

3.      Helping With Anxiety

It’s not uncommon for people with mental health problems to self-medicate using different substances. However, weed users may actually be helping combat problems such as anxiety by toking.

Studies have found that consuming cannabis can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety in some users. Anxiety sufferers who are curious about these effects should turn to an indica-dominant strain if they wish to test this out for themselves.

As you can see, there are many lesser known benefits of weed. If you want to purchase high-quality buds, please visit Budmail. Our products are top notch, and our experts can recommend cannabis strains that are right for you.

How Long Does BudMail Weed Stay in Your System?

How Long Does BudMail Weed Stay in Your System?

Studies at budmail show that weed stays detectable in the body for over a month. However, the more you use it, the longer it stays in your bloodstream. Inhaling weed will make it detectable in the bloodstream in the span of a few seconds. In the case of infrequent users, it may stay detectable for up to 10 days.

Like most drugs, the time marijuana from budmail stays in a person’s body depends on various factors. These include frequency of use, amount of THC in marijuana, and hydration. Studies have shown that THC can stay detectable in the body for up to 90 days in the hair, 3 days to a month in urine, and 36 hours in blood.

Understanding the Half-Life of Marijuana

The half-life of marijuana is when it takes for half of the drug to be metabolized and removed from the bloodstream. Although marijuana has several compounds, THC is the one that most drug tests look for. Once it makes its way inside the body, THC is broken down into 80 different metabolites – and they all have effects on the ECS system.

Some of these metabolites can be stored in body fat, while others get flushed out through feces and urine.

Factors That Affect Detraction Time

The amount of time marijuana  from budmail stays in the system depends on various factors such as body mass, metabolism, hydration levels, and gender.

To this end, women metabolize THC at a lower rate due to their higher body fat than males. The higher the metabolism, which itself is impacted by age and physical activity, the faster marijuana will be purged from the body.

Below are two things you can do to help your body process marijuana at a faster rate.

Get Lean

THC metabolites get stored in fat cells in the body, so the higher a person’s body fat, the slower they’ll metabolize and remove THC. Your best bet is to get lean so you can purge marijuana compounds faster.

Drink More Water

Dehydration prolongs the amount of time marijuana stays in the bloodstream. This doesn’t mean that drinking a lot of water will instantly purge it. Instead, water will dilute it and make it easier for you to pass the test.

For more information about how long weed stays in your system, check out budmail

The Safe Way of Working Out while Using Budmail Weed

The Safe Way of Working Out while Using Budmail Weed

Although the stereotype suggests that stoners are little more than couch potatoes, many stoners who workout claim that using weed improves their athletic performance. A growing number of scientists seem to agree with this approach.

It is now believed that cannabis from budmail can make exercises feel less stressful because of how it eases the pressure to perform. In other words, Budmail’s cannabis encourages the ‘go with the flow’ mentality, which makes working out feel more enjoyable.

Marijuana Makes Your Brain Appreciate Mundane Activities

Activities such as hiking and working out can feel physically discomforting, which makes it more difficult to engage with them on a regular basis. However, sativa strains are believed to boost energy, which makes working out while high easier to manage.

This is because THC gently stimulates the brain receptors in charge of dopamine, making you feel happier while performing mundane activities such as running errands, exercising, and cleaning your house. All these chores feel adventurous rather than boring.

Cannabis Can Reduce Gym-Related Anxiety

The mood-altering effects of THC can be helpful for reducing gym-related anxiety and doubts you may have about performance.

Just make sure not to overindulge in cannabis by budmail before a workout. You need to retain focus and control over your body to perform exercises safely. Don’t indulge in amounts that will prevent you from going about your day normally.

It is recommended by budmail to participate in workouts that don’t have an inherent risk of injury associated with them. Examples of such workouts include light weightlifting (emphasis on the word “light”), running on a treadmill, and hiking. However, driving, biking, and lifting heavy weights should be best reserved for instances when you’re not high.

For stoners who work out and lift heavy weights, it makes sense to stick to smaller amounts of THC.

Science and the Effects of Weed

There is a lot that scientists don’t know about exercising while high on weed. Much of the relationship between the two is purely anecdotal because observational studies are not as exhaustive. It is important to keep in mind that getting too high can increase your heart rate and put certain people at risk of heart complications.

The trick, then, is to pay attention to THC levels. Always start out with the smallest dose possible. Add in some CBD to the mix to see what happens.

Have you ever used THC while working out? Let us know how it ‘worked out’ for you.

For more information on the effects of THC  and CBD, check out budmail