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Budget Buds 1

Serene Farms offers a range of their highest-quality and best-selling cannabis for special discount prices.  The best cannabis flowers are now available from Serene Farms at very low prices.  

At any one time, Serene Farm’s Budget Buds section has a selection of at least eight strains available for prices as low as $95 an ounce.  

Some of the cannabis strains currently available in the Budget Buds section include Afghan Kush, Chocolate OG, Fruit Loops and Sour Diesel.

Serene Farms is able to offer lower prices on these specially selected as they farm their own produce.  Serene Farms customers can now choose from a range of specially discounted cannabis products.   

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Toronto, March 22, 2020


At any one time Serene Farms has more than eight of its best-selling strains available at a very special discount price.  These strains include some of the most popular cannabis flowers in Canada. Serene Farms is able to bring these great flowers to their customers at considerable discounts because, unlike most other online dispensaries, Serene Farms actually farm the produce they sell.

Serene Farms use this unique advantage to offer very popular strains at lower prices than you will find at competing online dispensaries.  The exact strains that are obtainable will vary naturally according to the latest harvests, but Serene Farms attempt to ensure some of Canada’s most popular strains are always on offer.  In the Budget Buds section there will always be the pick of the best Sativa, Indica and hybrid strains currently available.   

Three examples of the types of high-quality flowers on special offer in the Budget Buds section are Afghan Kush, Chocolate OG and Fruit Loops.

Afghan Kush is a legendary strain that can trace its roots back to the Hindu Kush mountains along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. These Indica flowers have been grown for centuries to produce the best hash.

Chocolate OG has a similarly, classic ‘skunky’ odour but with the added twist of a distinctive cocoa scent.  On exhalation, Chocolate OG has a very pleasing coffee-like taste. The high from this potent Indica is often said to be slow-acting, however when it does arrive it packs a punch and many users may experience psychedelic sensations.  This high can leave users feeling heavy and very relaxed and so Chocolate OG is best consumed later in the day. Chocolate OG is used by many to reduce the discomfort associated with several medical conditions.  

Another strain often available in the Serene Farm’s Budget Buds section is Fruit Loops.  Fruit Loops is a hybrid strain that, as you might expect, has a famously tropical aroma. When consumed Fruit Loops produces complex flavors of berries, spices and honey.  It produces a fast-acting high that relieves the user of feelings of tiredness and lifts their energy levels. Anyone using Fruit Loops is likely to feel a rise in positivity and to feel more sociable and chatty.  It can be used to reduce the negative feelings associated with conditions such as arthritis. 

Fruit Loops is a perfect recreational strain and is just one of the top strains that can be purchased from Serene Farms Budget Buds at amazing discount prices. 

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