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Distillatedirect - Four benefits of Buying Cannabis

Can You Workout While High on Weed?

Odds are very high that some of the people in your local gym are working out high. A growing body of research now suggests that cannabis users who are high on workout tend to exercise more.

This is because Budexpressnow weed makes mundane things – like exercising – appear more interesting. The only problem is that it disrupts judgment. So while it’s pretty harmless for relaxation, it can prevent us from doing anything that requires concentration.

Weed Increases Your Tolerance for Discomfort

To maximize your gains, you have to push yourself at the gym. But the last few reps can be extremely brutal.

This is where marijuana can help by stimulating our cannabinoid receptors and affecting how we respond to pain.  When you’re high, most difficult activities become less intense.

Caution: This doesn’t mean you should work out when you’re genuinely in pain. Listen to your body and rest when it’s time.

Weed Improves Focus Can Improve Focus

Whether marijuana improves focus during workouts or not is a very subjective matter. Most people agree that microdosing regulates flow to help with repetitive tasks at the gym such as running on a treadmill or weightlifting. Note that this only works if you’re using low doses of weed

Marijuana Can Speed Up Recovery

Budexpressnow Marijuana contains CBD, the non-psychoactive component that is well known for its slew of therapeutic effects. It can improve the immune system, stop seizures, decrease pain, and help with inflammation. The last two help the muscles repair and grow and are better for your recovery.
In addition, CBD may also have some painkilling properties that could make post-workout sessions more relaxing.

Safely Combining Cannabis with Workouts

The trick to making cannabis from Budexpressnow work for you is to use it in safe doses. If you’re serious about working out with cannabis, we recommend using CBD tincture with fatty foods at doses of 20 to 30 mg. This will help with inflammation and pain. For more targeted relief of pain, you might want to look into Budexpressnow transdermal patches.

If you decide to use mind-altering THC during a workout session, less is more. The last thing you want is for marijuana to impair your judgment to the point where you make life-threatening mistakes.

Lastly, if you have any heart disease, we recommend staying out of cannabis or THC during workouts.

Do you use cannabis to improve your gains? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

Is Vaping the Best Way to Conserve Weed?

Bud Express Now

Novice cannabis users may already be aware of the fact that there are an infinite number of ways to consume weed. You can smoke it from Budsnowexpress, eat it, vape it, or even drink it with the right preparation. However, more and more people are switching to vaping weed because it helps them conserve the quantity they have on hand.

Let’s examine why vaping is in-fact the best way to conserve weed.

How Do You Vape Weed?

If you have ever walked into a head shop or online shop, such as Budsnowexpress, you may have noticed many vaporizers visible behind the counter. Some of these can be used to vaporize concentrates or “dabs”. However, other types of vaporizers can be used to vaporize raw weed.

The latter type are believed to be especially useful for conserving cannabis. Users simply need to grind up their weed finely and load it into the vaporizer’s “chamber” or “oven” before activating the device. The oven then heats up slowly and vaporizes the liquid THC on the bud’s surface, which is then inhaled.

Why Vaporizers Are Great for Conserving Weed

The aforementioned vaping method does not combust the weed itself. Users can keep drawing “hits” from the vaporizer as the concentration of THC contained inside gradually depletes. Once you are finished, you will be left with vaped buds that resemble coffee grounds.

Despite their dark appearance, this “vaped” bud will still contain some THC sold at Budsnowexpress. You can then use these to make edibles. This allows you to experience all the compounds contained in the cannabis without losing any of them to the combustion process.

In addition to helping you conserve weed, vaporizers also allow you to experience cannabis’ effects without experiencing the harmful effects of smoking. This makes it a great route for users that wish to put less stress on their lungs.

If you are interested in purchasing high quality cannabis for your vaporizer, you can’t go wrong by choosing Budsnowexpress. We offer a wide variety of cannabis strains and can recommend the best products for vape users.

Fun Things You Can Do While Stoned On Cannabis

Fun Things You Can Do While Stoned On Cannabis

While it’s okay to do absolutely nothing when you’re stoned, there are a few fun activities you can do when high on weed. Our favorite activities at budexpressnow include watching a movie, going out for a walk, and playing video games. However, some artistic stoners may bring out a canvas and create their masterpiece. Anything that can tap into your dopamine without the risk of injury is a good activity.

Being stoned gives you the opportunity to unravel and explore your creative boundaries. Instead of limiting yourself, try all the cool activities budexpressnow recommends listed below if they tickle your fancy.

Go Out for a Walk

Being high on weed from budexpressnow lets you catch the little details that you never noticed before. It can be intensely satisfying to take in the universe – and if you’re walking at a brisk pace, you may even feel as if you’re floating around. As long as you’re still cognizant of your surroundings, you should be safe.

Watch a Movie

When your mental faculties go out of whack, and you find it hard to pick yourself off the ground, the second-best activity is to watch a movie. While you can find anything to be entertaining when high, it’s better if you find a movie you’re meant to watch while stoned. Our favorite is Special Queen 1. Without spoiling anything for you and divulging too many details – it’s going to be fun.

Play Video Games

Video games are addicting because they tap into the brain’s reward mechanism. But you know what else does the same? Weed. Combining the two will make you feel even more rewarded as each quest you complete will make you feel extra special. It’s probably why so many gamers prefer to smoke a joint during their video gaming session.

Visit an Art Gallery

Being high will make you more creative because your brain unshackles itself from the things that hold you back. So you’ll be more appreciative of art and find meaning – where none exists. Either way, it’s a special moment. Just a heads up – most museums have closed their doors due to social distancing requirements, so you may want to check virtual tours instead.

So there you have it, four of the most fun things you can do while stoned. If you agree or disagree with our list, let us at budexpressnow know in the comments.

Things to Do When You’re Stoned by Yourself on BudExpressNow’s Marijuana

Things to Do When You’re Stoned by Yourself on BudExpressNow’s Marijuana

Got your hands on some prime BudExpressNow marijuana? While getting high is fun enough, there are other things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable. Some stoners spend this time idly, others engage in productive stuff, while others like to partake in entertaining activities – to get the best results.

In this blog, we’ll discuss fun things stoners do.

Paint Your Way to Bliss

Marijuana is known for activating the creative juices in your mind. Being high releases the shackles we normally apply to our creative potential. After all, we are our very worst critic, which can limit our prospects. Painting is even more fun when you’re doing it with other like-minded stoners.

Watch a Movie (or two)

Watching movies can be especially fun when you’re high – now that the rational side of your brain takes a backseat. Movies have always been about ‘suspending belief’, and what better way to do this when you’re high on marijuana? Big blockbusters with fancy effects and whacky storylines will appear more realistic.

Pro tip: Watch Star Wars, Star Trek, or other dystopian/science-fiction franchises to get your brain churning.

Got on an Outdoor Adventure

There’s nothing like smoking a joint from BudExpressNow and going out for a walk. It lets you form a deeper connection with nature and take in both natural and man-made beauty surrounding you. In fact, marijuana and exploration are almost intertwined together.

You can find marijuana on most hikers’ pack list, right after water, food supplies, and the camera (for unforgettable those selfies). Some hikers describe a more intimate connection with their surroundings when they’re high.

Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness might not be the first thing you want to do when you’re high – but that’s not the point of this activity. Practicing mindfulness involves assessing your thought patterns as an outside observer. When high, you’re in a good position to wander off with your thoughts and connect dots in your subconscious mind.

Play Video Games

From GTA 5 to No Man’s Sky, you can derive more fun out of each video game session when high compared to when you’re sober. You can also try out games that have fun and innovative concepts such as The Stanley Parable and Skyrim.

This is list from BudExpressNow is only the beginning. When you’re high, most activities can be more fun to experience.

For more great tips on how to optimize your weed usage, check out BudExpressNow

Best Ways to Smoke BudExpress  Weed in Your Apartment


Best Ways to Smoke BudExpress Weed in Your Apartment


You may be a big fan of cannabis and its effects on your body, but it’s natural to want to keep things discrete. Maybe to not get in trouble with your landlord or neighbours or just want to be considerate of others around you. Don’t worry; you can smoke weed from budexpressnow in your home without worrying about the smell.

Use the Wet Towel Method

If you need to smoke a quick one and don’t have the time to use more ‘advanced’ methods, the wet towel method might just do the trick. The only problem is that you’ll need to keep your windows wide open for another 24 hours to get the smell out. But if you’re working from home and don’t plan on leaving the place any time soon, then you’re better off using the wet towel method.

Odour Reducing Candles

If you’re a fan of the Wet Towel method discussed above and still have leftover smell to deal with, try an odour reducing candle. You can buy these from Amazon and Etsy. Make sure to read the reviews to know which are the most effective at dealing with the smell.

Pair Herbal Blends With Your Weed

If you want to mask the smell of weed smoke but aren’t bothered by cigarette smoke, you can consider mixing different herbal blends with the marijuana.

Using the right blend will completely mask the smell of the smoke. It could smell just like smoked flowers than marijuana, which may be enough to convince your neighbours and landlord that you’re not smoking weed.

Vaping Cannabis

We’re getting a little professional with this method now. Vaping is an effective way to get high without spreading the strong odour of weed. There are many popular vape products on the market out there. Take a look at some of the weed products at budexpressnow that you can use with minimal smell.

Note that vaping with cannabis from budexpressnow does create an odour, but it’s less potent than smoking a joint. The best part is that it won’t leak throughout the building.

Now that you’re ready to smoke weed discretely in your apartment make sure you use a high-quality strain. Check out our cannabis products at budexpressnow