Weed Strains to Get You Into the Christmas Spirit

2020 has been quite the year – and not in a good day. We know we’ve certainly had to rely on the green stuff more than ever before. If you’re feeling the Christmas blues, try out these weed strains – whether you’re a sativa fan, an indica fan, or more of a hybrid lover, these strains are sure to get you into the Christmas Budget Buds spirit!

Christmas Tree

This had to be first on the list for obvious reasons. In addition to the apt name, this strain has a pine-like aroma, and even resembles a Christmas tree as a bud! After a long day of Christmas fun, this can help you relax and fall into a deep sleep.

Blue Dream

Great for the holiday blues, and often used by those who have depression, this strain will definitely be dreamy – from its sweet blueberry scent to its motivational effect, it will definitely cheer you up. From there, it will put you in a relaxed state, where no worries can bother you.

Jack Frost

Dreading a social(ly distanced) gathering? Jack Frost is here to save the day – with its initial euphoric effect, you might just become a social butterfly. Within time, the calmness from that Budget Buds offers will take over, and the user will enter a state of deep relaxation. Start off your afternoon with Jack Frost to make it a truly magical Christmas.

Cocoa Kush

Just like a cozy cup of hot cocoa, this strain will both, excite and relax you. After an initial buzz of energy, the high slowly fades and results in a tranquil state, perfect for getting under those warm covers and going to sleep.

All these weed strains, and more, can be found at amazing prices on Budget Buds. You’re spending a ton on Christmas already – presents, a tree, decorations, and food don’t come cheap! Give yourself a gift of Budget Buds – at these prices, you’re definitely getting a steal.