Four Things to Know: How to Microdosing Mushrooms for Migraine

Four Things to Know: How to Microdosing Mushrooms for Migraine

Mushrooms or Shrooms from BMWO are known hallucinogenic fungi usually taken for leisure. But Microdosing mushrooms remove that element. Over the years, it has been seen that psilocybin helps depression and anxiety much better than weed and other marijuana products. The only concern with these magic mushrooms was intensely visual, auditory, and prolonged hallucinations.

Things to know before you start Microdosing

To jump into any new experience is reckless, certainly when it comes to health and hallucinogens. Before you make a switch from your routine medication or practices to Microdosing Mushrooms, here are a few things you should consider according to BMWO:


The first thing about Magic mushroom is consistency; you might not feel a difference at first because the psilocybins need time to adjust to your metabolism. There is a higher chance of a significant effect on your 20th day. That also comes with dose adjustment and support from a professional. Because you are taking one-fourth of a dose that your body needs as one dose, the consistency of Microdosing helps in maintaining that dose without any hallucinations and other mind-stimulating effects.


Your dose will be prescribed by the professional that you consult with our online dispensary BMWO that offers magic mushrooms. Also, if you decide to do it yourself, you will need a good digital scale for measuring the psilocybins in a petri dish and then consuming them.


According to the researchers, it is the 1/100th dose pharmacologically. Having to suffer migraines is a terrible fate, but psilocybin is the answer to the pain. Microdosing Mushrooms starts from 0.5mg, which has no pharmacological effect. Hence the dose calculated for migraines is 1.0 – 1.5 consistently.

Unwanted effects

There is a term associated with Magic mushrooms that are rebound, which means users can get headaches with the beginning dose of magic mushrooms, but it is rare and subsides after the first week of use.


The Microdosing mushrooms have been approved for migraines and even other mental health conditions. If you wish to understand the dose for your migraine, in simple terms, it should be about half the size of your pinky nail. To get the best psilocybin products, visit BMWO