Can CBD Lotions and Creams Fix Nerve Pain and Damage? Must try these CBD products once from BMWO

There were times when the sap from marijuana plants was made and rubbed on bruised or injured areas for healing. It was later into consideration that there is not only one way to alleviate the pain. The topical form of medical marijuana is available on BMWO  for pains originating from defective or injured nerves.


Nerve pain

The skin of a human body holds nerve fibers that have no termination and are prone to sensing the slightest of stimulations. Though ingesting or smoking cannabis from BMWO numbs pain and helps the person carry on with the day, there are ways not to have the entire body and mental effects.

The oil carrier form of CBD or hemp is very important in topical use; tinctures, on the other hand, have no effect topically.


  1. 300MG CBD Rapid Dissolve Gel

This quick-drying non-oily gel is rapid-acting on areas that have active pain. It lowers the painful sensation and even helps in healing inflammation in the tissues. It is a nano cannabinoid amplifier. It is used directly on the sore spot, and it is absorbed into the nerve fibers reducing the pain sensations.

  1. CBD You Tincture – Blueberry 2000mg

Having a full spectrum, this tincture is used interchangeably with cannabis oil because of its rapid effects on spots. It can be amplified by sublingual use. The blueberry flavor masks its bitterness and 0.3% THC, which might have a mild buzz on sublingual use. Instead of an oil carrier, there is alcohol in the base, which is quickly evaporated on topical use, leaving the CBD and cannabinoids behind.

  1. 1000 CBD Isolate Tincture – Botan

The BMWO is a popular online marijuana dispensary, and their CBD isolate tincture is one of the popular products used both sublingually and topically. This 1000mg isolated CBD has increased medical potency and reduced nerve pain for good.


Nerve pain is tricky to locate, but the pain-causing fibers can be desensitized by different forms of CBD available at BMWO. For both medical and medicinal use