2 Spiritual BMWO Strains for Meditation & Mindfulness

It has been around for centuries when it comes to focusing and meditating. Though the raw or compressed form of cannabis has different impurities that come with leaves, stems, and even the flower as a whole; while the  Bmwo  grows their own medical marijuana and they make sure to keep the impurities out.


Spiritual Marijuana

When it comes to spiritual marijuana, it is mainly to keep the mental buzz at a maximum and have bodily effects. Mostly these strains are Indica dominant but also have the mental buzz of Sativa. The THC levels render them more potent and effective for medication.

Cannabis strains have been in use for centuries in different rituals, different therapies, and even treatments.


Meditation is a very personal process which requires different and personal tricks to tap into the depths of the mind. Many individuals use the earthy help on cannabis strains to help focus on themselves as their process of meditation starts. At the Bmwo, you can ask the professionals for the use of your requited strain, and they may even offer different strains.

Meditation requires focus and deep sensation, which is easily unlocked by different strains which help in focusing the energy.

Different Strains

There are plenty of strains from Bmwo that have been used for ages by different people to meditate and even do yoga; some of the most common strains used are;

  • Shape shifter
  • Social master kush
  • Oregon Lemons
  • Blue dream
  • White buffalo

There are two highly potent spiritual strains;

Sour Diesel

This amazing diesel-smelling strain is pungent and is fast-acting potent strain.  This strains have mood-elevating and body relaxing effects. The quick onset and fast effect help open the key to brain stimulation. It is used as a spiritual strain as it has euphoric and mind-altering effects.

Cherry Grease

The Cherry Grease is a fruity and pungent strain that is very potent to provide euphoria and bodily high.


When it comes to meditation and spiritual awakening of the mind, Bmwo offers different strains for you to try and embark on the journey.