Best Weed Edibles

Weed edible - Infographic article Serene Farms Online Dispensary

Best Weed Edibles

Weed edible - Infographic article Serene Farms Online Dispensary
Compared to smoking, edibles are a healthier way to consume cannabis. They come in a wide range of chocolates, chews and other yummy treats and are very effective. Serene Farms offers a variety of cannabis-infused edibles and you can buy edibles online in Canada. Learn more about weed edibles:
What exactly are cannabis edibles?
Simply put, cannabis edibles are foods that contain activated cannabis. The cannabis, either plant or oil, is typically heated or chemically altered into a psychoactive substance that is easily consumed. Then it’s processed into a food like a gummy candy or piece of cake. Historically, weed edibles were used for medicinal and even spiritual reasons. Now, cannabis edibles are a common way to consume and enjoy cannabis.
What happens when you ingest cannabis?
Eating cannabis and smoking it will give you different kinds of highs. Many consumers experience a potent body-high from eating cannabis edibles. That body-centred experience is often accompanied by the same sensations you would get inhaling weed.
How much should I eat?
Edibles can be quite strong to the notice user. Be safe and careful by only consuming very small amounts to see how it makes you feel. After you have a nibble, wait a while before having more. Depending on the person and the edible, it can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours for the effects to kick in. After trying it a couple of times and learning how long it takes your body to feel the effects, you can work your way up to bigger doses. You don’t want to be taken by surprise!
When you smoke weed, it only takes about 30 minutes for your body to start feeling it. When you eat it, you must wait for it to be metabolized by the enzymes in your liver before you start feeling the high. These enzymes are breaking down the psychoactive component, the THC, which is what makes you feel high. Since digesting takes much longer, you won’t feel it right away.
Some edibles can peak after the first four hours of eating it, but you could feel it for up to 6-8 hours. If you’re new to weed edibles, you might feel a little funny the next day. You might feel more tired than usual, have a headache or just be slow-moving.
Why eat cannabis instead of smoking it?
The main reason why people choose to consume cannabis-infused edibles, like Firebar chocolates, is because they don’t like the idea of smoking it. Smoking can be hard on the lungs and can have some negative affects on your health. Some don’t like the feeling of smoking or the taste or how smoke feels in their throat and lungs. People who are new to cannabis might like to try something they can eat, instead of something they must smoke.
Another pro: you don’t need to purchase a bong, pipe or vape pen to consume edible cannabis. You can easily measure the dosage, enjoy long effects and a strong, relaxing body high. Plus, you can easily buy edibles online in Canada.
How can I make sure I have a good experience?
As mentioned, the best way to start with edibles is to start slow. Have a little bit and wait several hours. Some people even suggest waiting a full day before trying it again and when you do, try just a little more. When you eat cannabis, it goes into your bloodstream, so the effects can be stronger and longer lasting. A cannabis-infused edible high can last up to 7 hours. When you smoke or vape cannabis, the high usually only lasts a couple of hours. Keep this in mind if you have plans for later in the day.
Know exactly how much you are eating. Start off with an edible that has a mild amount of THC and WAIT at least 2 hours after consuming it before trying to consume more.
What types of edibles are there?
Thanks to innovative technology, you can make just about any food into a cannabis-infused edible. Serene Farms offers a wide range of cannabis-infused snacks including Firebars and Firechews.

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